Indian startup ecosystem funding to get hotter in 2022

From more unicorns to IPOs, investors continue to believe in the India startup landscape and ecosystem in 2022.

Indian startup ecosystem funding to get hotter in 2022

Tuesday January 04, 2022,

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Last year. YourStory was busy reporting unicorn stories. And, when we weren’t looking for unicorns (44 new unicorns in one year!), we were covering the record ESOP (Employee Stock Ownership Plan) buybacks and stellar IPOs. (We even have a list of likely IPOs of 2022)

So, was the year 2021 an anomaly in the sector or will this momentum continue in the year 2022? To understand investor sentiment as well as their expectations from the ecosystem this year, YourStory spoke to several industry insiders. 

While the overwhelming response is that India’s startup growth story has only just begun, the investor community believes the ecosystem and the bourses will see some rationalisation and correction in the next few months.

For the most part though, investors are optimistic about the ecosystem’s growth, with SaaS (software-as-a-service) sector being the new star. 

“The Indian SaaS industry is witnessing an explosive growth with the growth numbers in the sector doubling from 2016 to 2021, and revenue growth has been further grown 5x during the same period – from $1 billion to $5.3 billion,” says David Abikzir, CIO and Executive Director, Jupiter Capital. Read more.

The Interview

Cricket presenter and AWS Startup Spin host Vikram Sathaye talks to Shashank Kumar, Founder of Razorpay, on how healthy competition makes champions out of sportsmen and businessmen.

Editor’s Pick: Techie Tuesday

Rajesh Jain, who founded news portal IndiaWorld way back in 1994, holds the title for being India’s first website creator. In this week’s Techie Tuesday column, we bring you the journey of Rajesh whose extraordinary career spanning over three decades has taught him a great many lessons. Humble and opinionated, his story is first and foremost about accepting one's shortcomings. Read more.

Rajesh Jain

Startup Spotlight

Digital supply chain financing platform

The COVID-19 pandemic hit micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) heavily, and left them struggling to survive and build capital.

This was when Moglix launched Credlix, a digital supply chain financing platform that provides quick collateral-free working capital solutions for the entire supply chain. Read more.

Pramit Joshi

Startup Spotlight

Solving neurological issues using tech

Karthik Raghavendran felt that there was a strong potential for neurotech in India, but he realised there were hardly any companies in India in the space. 

He teamed up with Dr AV Srinivasan to found Neurostellar, a Chennai-based YourStory Tech50 2021 startup that offers medical-grade 3D printed EEG electrodes and headsets. Read more.

Tech50 Neurostellar

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rajesh jain
"The startup has to have one authoritarian leader at the top because someone’s got to make those decisions. You can’t do voting on every decision; there has to be one person."

- Rajesh Jain, Founder and Managing Director of netCORE Cloud

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