The 90+ Connect initiative looks to create 10,000+ edupreneurs in India by 2023

Akash Pillai, Chief Business Officer at 90+ My Tuition App discusses how the edtech startup focusing on CBSE and State Board students is creating edupreneurs of tomorrow with the 90+ Connect initiative.

The 90+ Connect initiative looks to create 10,000+ edupreneurs in India by 2023

Thursday February 24, 2022,

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The educational landscape of India has been transformed by a series of developments – one of which is the creation of a thriving edtech ecosystem with allied opportunities in the country. According to YourStory data, edtech received upwards of three billion in funding in 2021 alone.

One of such platforms in the ecosystem is the 90+ My Tution App that’s digitising tutoring with 'smartainment' with its new initiative called 90+ Connect.

90+ Connect aims to redefine the entrepreneurial ecosystem in the Indian edtech space by producing entrepreneurship opportunities for individuals with a motive to invite former alumni of edtech giants.

In a conversation with YourStory, Akash Pillai, Chief Business Officer, 90+ My Tuition App spoke about how it is creating edupreneurs of tomorrow, through 90+’s incredible opportunity for prospective edupreneurs with 90+ Connect.

Catering to a huge untapped potential with edtech

Talking about the edtech opportunity in the country, “There's a huge market. Also, there's a big problem to solve – and both these problems converge in India,” said Akash Pillai, Chief Business Officer, 90+ My Tuition App.

“India has around 275 million enrolled students, out of which 140 million go to government schools. While the edtech industry has also been focusing more on Central Board schools, we started off by creating state board syllabus, and today we have 14 more state syllabuses,” he added.

“One major hurdle that students in India face is that they do not have proper internet connectivity. So our content is completely offline,” he said, talking about the untapped potential.

Creating over 10,000 edtech entrepreneurs

Akash, who started as a door-to-door sales person with an edtech company, himself sees tremendous potential in empowering people with similar skill sets, to grow from their current roles as edtech employees to edupreneurs, with the ambition of creating more than 10,000 edupreneurs.

“As a door-to-door sales person. I've seen a lot of fellow sales people with great business acumen, and the potential to be edupreneurs in their own right. So we want to empower them with extremely good content, and a great entrepreneurship opportunity,” he said, talking about how the programme was structured from personal insight.

“We have the content in place, and with 90+ Connect, we're looking at people from the edtech industry. We want them to have full ownership, have full power, and help them create great business,” he added.

It’s time to move from being an employee to becoming an edupreneur. Are you ready for this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity? Come and grow with us,” he said, ending on an open invitation to entrepreneurs.