How Pickrr’s logistics solutions help solve operational challenges faced by digital-first brands

Speaking at the Brands of New India Mega Summit, Rhitiman Majumder, Co-founder at Pickrr, shared his views on recent developments in the logistics-tech sector and how Pickrr is keeping pace with innovation.

How Pickrr’s logistics solutions help solve operational challenges faced by digital-first brands

Thursday February 24, 2022,

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The rise of the D2C sector would not have been possible without logistical enablers providing advanced shipping solutions. Logistic-tech startup Pickrr caters to various shipping needs of D2C brands irrespective of their scale and size, enabling merchants to sell at the pan-India level.

In an insightful leadership talk with Shradha Sharma, Founder and CEO, YourStory at the first edition of the Brands of New India Mega Summit, Rhitiman Majumder, Co-founder at Pickrr spoke on ‘How Pickrr is winning the fulfillment arms race’. He highlighted how the company began its journey and is now playing the role of a key enabler in the D2C segment. Here are some key takeaways.

One-stop shipping solution

With evolving needs and demands, the last two years have changed a few things radically for D2C brands. To be able to survive in an increasingly competitive market, D2C brands are now looking at a faster delivery speed. Keeping the demands in mind, Rhitiman says, “We are working in the direction of providing innovative features on our platform that enables faster delivery. We are also working on features where brands can continue interacting with customers post-delivery. We are creating a one-stop solution for brands to simplify receiving and fulfilling deliveries at a faster speed.”

“We have worked on creating intelligent solutions such as identifying fake and risky orders. Our systems predict if the order is from a fake party and send an alert to sellers beforehand so that sellers may be aware of fraud orders,” he explains.

A level playing field for D2C brands

“We at Pickrr have designed our platform in such a way that all brands irrespective of their size and scale can simply log in and avail all shipping-related features. Whether you are a big store in a metro city or running a small business with no physical presence, Pickrr integration is a two-click process available in all Indian languages. That’s how we are enabling shipping solutions for all brands across India,” adds Rhitiman.

“It was initially a challenge to convince some of the biggest courier services to get on board with us. But we kept our focus on enhancing the consumer experience by constantly innovating and introducing new features. That helped us grow and scale,” he explains.

On removing the barriers for D2C sellers, Rhitiman says, “Doing away with the old and traditional ways of contacting and talking to the logistics company and other complicated procedures, ours is a truly frictionless platform. Everything is digital and can be integrated within a matter of minutes.”

Working in tandem with D2C companies

“We work with a whole spectrum of sellers and that includes the smallest of brands across the nation. Our product team works closely with our clients to understand their requirements. Based on the inputs received, we then work on building a product that fulfills most of these requirements. So listening to our clients has helped us scale and grow.”

Founded in 2015, Pickrr has managed to establish a strong brand presence among the D2C companies of the country. “Some of the biggest global companies in this sector do not provide end-end solutions, and that is what makes Pickrr stand out from the rest,” added Rhitiman.

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