[Product Roadmap] How technological advancements and innovation are helping grow the eyewear industry

Ramneek Khurana, Co-Founder and Head of Product & Technology at Lenskart, reveals how technology has helped organise the eyewear manufacturing industry and is continually working to ensure customer delight.

The eyewear industry, once static and unorganised, is now one of retail’s booming industries. Technological advancements and innovations are helping this industry to become organised. These advancements are much needed to accelerate the pace in the industry because the Indian consumer so far has been underserved - more than 50 percent of the country needs some form of vision correction, but only one-fourth of them have access to it.

Technology is used to address issues and create:

  • Awareness: A lot of people, if they don’t need extensive reading on day-to-day basis, don’t even realise they’ve developed weak eyesight.
  • Access: Access for this sector is very closely linked with diagnostics as for buying a new pair of eyeglasses one needs the latest prescription for their eyes. And diagnostics/eye checkups are not available across all geographies equally.
  • Affordability: Last but not the least, the availability of glasses at affordable price across the country in all geographies is also key to be solved.

Tech to the rescue

Technology is the heartbeat of innovation in eyewear. Technology has been combined with exemplary ideas to revolutionise this industry. Here are some examples:

Try-on feature

What the consumers want is assurance. They need to be sure that the product they are ordering suits their face. This has been made possible with the help of Augmented Reality.

Once you open your mobile camera, you will be able to try 3D-Try-on each and every frame available on your face. These kinds of advancements have been made to cater to the growing eyewear demand.

Right-size determination using data science

Unlike a pair of shoes or a T-shirt, the size of eyeglass is not standardised and well understood by consumers. Technology comes into play here, where using data science we now have the ability to determine the right fit of spectacles for consumers by just taking a selfie.

Bringing in user-level personalisation

Brands all over the world are working to excel in bringing a ‘super-exclusive’ experience to each and every customer. The history of that user, his/her buying pattern, lifestyle, the shape of the face, and other criteria are brought into consideration while suggesting a frame.

At Lenskart, a truckload of work goes into designing ‘Curated for you’, ‘View Similar’, ‘Recommended for You’ options on the mobile application or web page.

E-retailing or online markets

Shift towards online purchasing has been accelerated due to COVID and advancements in the technology of try-on, size, personalisation, cataloging, etc. Everything gets ordered online and delivered to your doorstep!

Innovation in eyewear design

Earlier, glasses used to be bulky and uncomfortable with thick lenses. Now, with the use of newer materials like TR90 and thinner high index lenses, glasses have become much lighter.

Further innovation in this field has led to the launch of hingeless tech for more snug fit, e-lock technology that ensures glasses don't fall even during rigorous workouts, etc.

Precision due to robotics eyeglass assembly

Lenses are now cut using robotics, with the utmost accuracy and precision. This process helps increase the productivity, automation, and effectiveness of the cumbersome process. This ends up speeding up the manufacturing and allows us to manufacture much more in a small amount of time.

Technology behind eyeglasses goes a long way! This is just the starting, and we believe technological advancements in the eyewear industry will grow and reach new heights in the future as well. 

Edited by Teja Lele Desai

(Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of YourStory.)


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