Malika Sadani of The Moms Co. reveals her most effective marketing strategies for brand building

In the sixth episode, Malika Sadani, Founder & CEO, The Moms Co. talks about ‘Effective marketing strategies for building your startup brand.’

The Soonicorn Spotlight is a brand-new video series by YourStory in collaboration with PayU, one of India's leading payments solution providers. It was created to provide startup leaders with first-hand growth insights from some of the finest minds at the helm of the fastest-growing startups in the ecosystem.  

When it comes to marketing, nothing beats a first-hand perspective from a successful D2C brand owner for an effective marketing strategy. D2C brands operate in a complex and challenging marketing environment, and insights from their brand-building journeys could be invaluable to founders looking to grow and scale their brands in a cost-effective manner.

A category builder and pioneer, Malika built The Moms Co. brand in a relatively short span. She has received several awards, including the Business World 40 Under 40, and many others. Malika shared her key learnings and insights in an insight-packed conversation with Yourstory.

One of the main things that the founders should really focus on is ensuring that the product is extremely differentiated. The second is constantly listening to consumers' needs to create what they really want. That's what differentiates us from anyone else out there,” she said.

Talking about what worked for The Moms Co, given their tight budget in the early days, she added, We experimented with different messages in small forums, to figure out which message had the most impact on the consumer.

Once we knew what messaging worked best, we spent money on expanding the reach of the message on social media, and so forth, she added, while also saying that mass media did not figure in their initial phase. 

Catch all these insights and more on the sixth episode of The Soonicorn Spotlight, brought to you by PayU. For more relevant content on powering your growth or scaling journeys, do visit the specially curated content Scale-up India page. 


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