Shiprocket’s acquisition of Wigzo spells a new frontier in e-commerce technology

E-commerce shipping firm Shiprocket acquired a 75 percent stake in customer data platform (CDP) Wigzo Technologies. The proposed strategic acquisition will enable Shiprocket to expand its product stack for online retailers’ onboarding.

Shiprocket’s acquisition of Wigzo spells a new frontier in e-commerce technology

Monday April 25, 2022,

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Walking into a retail store to shop for your needs is slowly and steadily becoming a thing of the past. Today, consumers can sit in the comfort of their homes and buy all that they want, simply in a few clicks. The trend of e-commerce that emerged in the last decade has witnessed an impetus, more so during the pandemic as we stayed confined in our homes.

With greater choice, comes greater responsibility. With an increasing number of choices available today, it is essential for companies to provide differentiated experiences to the customer. That’s exactly why automation is critical for businesses to grow. With the help of new-age technologies, e-commerce brands can automate repetitive tasks like inventory management, accounting, shipping, customer service, returns and refunds, and more, and enhance the productivity and quality of their services. Plus, it’s also faster and more affordable.

Recently, Shiprocket – India’s premier technology-enabled logistics and fulfilment platform – acquired a 75 percent stake in Wigzo Tech, a leading customer data platform. Why is this partnership important? Let’s find out.

What Shiprocket aims to achieve with this partnership

Through this partnership, Shiprocket envisions extending its product stack for online merchants who use its platform, to provide a more tailored end-to-end customer experience. This deal spells a new frontier in the e-commerce technology space and is likely to aid D2C firms in growing their technology stack to enhance marketing conversion.

Shiprocket and Wigzo will work in tandem to provide a superior customer experience by addressing important pain points for e-commerce merchants. Both the brands will leverage their respective capabilities to provide a personalised end-to-end purchase experience for every D2C business. While Wigzo Tech has all the knowledge about customer loyalty and purchase behaviour to boost conversion, Shiprocket specialises in using delivery behaviour data and allowing end-to-end logistics and fulfilment efficiency.

“We are proud to partner with Shiprocket on their journey towards becoming an e-commerce stack for D2C brands. Wigzo will play an important role in this journey; it was a no-brainer to partner with this industry leader and work towards their vision of creating real value and impact in the e-commerce/D2C space,” said Umair Mohammad, CEO and Co-founder, Wigzo Tech.

Towards a better consumer experience

The e-commerce space is witnessing immense growth, and the trend is only likely to grow in the coming years. Wigzo is looking to tap into this boom by providing a one-stop marketing automation solution for e-commerce brands. This will assist them in analysing real-time customer data and delivering an omnichannel personalised customer experience. On the other hand, Shiprocket’s capabilities in delivery-behaviour data will enable online retailers to provide end-to-end logistics and fulfilment solutions.

With this partnership, both brands are looking to resolve critical pain points that are often witnessed by e-commerce businesses. Moreover, by leveraging consumer affinity and order and logistical level data, brands will be able to personalise 1:1 communication with their end customers.

Impact on D2C brands

The D2C market is expected to touch $100 billion by 2025. While this is a positive sign, there is also greater competition, which makes it imperative for

e-commerce brands to demonstrate value throughout the customer lifecycle and boost loyalty.

The differentiator between good and great brands is how they leverage data for their growth. With Wigzo CDP and its underlying data capabilities, all e-commerce and retail data can come under a single integrated warehouse and power intelligent analytics and automation. Further, it will help in analysing their customers down to the individual level or cohort level, while allowing brands to run multi-channel marketing campaigns and calculate ROI from a single place.

How can D2C brands utilise the service offered by Wigzo? E-commerce brands can avail of the free onboarding service and a dedicated account manager, offered by Wigzo. They also offer fast and seamless five-minute integration with Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento, Zapier, etc, and transfers all e-tail data to a single dashboard.