The two Cs to agility: How cloud and containerisation can help enterprises and startups scale

Modern organisations are under more pressure than ever to be agile - to do things faster, smarter, and more effectively. This is doubly true in the startup space, where success is often predicated on how quickly a business can scale and adapt to changing market conditions.

The two Cs to agility: How cloud and containerisation can help enterprises and startups scale

Thursday May 19, 2022,

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A cloud-based business and IT development not only gives scalable infrastructure, with lower capital costs, but also offers greater control over the deployment and management process. It gives access to application data management metrics to help generate insight into application development, deployment, and management, which can be used to further streamline the process.

Containerisation helps development teams move fast, deploy software efficiently, and operate at an unprecedented scale. They are also a means to secure building as it helps organisations to work in a decoupled way to scale up services quickly. Organisations can combine the benefits of containers and cloud computing to embrace flexibility and start using IT with agility.

Combining cloud technology with containers can help enterprises and small businesses package their applications into a portable and lightweight form to increase efficiency and speed. Basically, this means, a developer can work on building an application, on a cloud infrastructure, without having to shut down existing and ongoing activity.

The roundtable ‘How cloud and containerisation can help agility and scale for enterprises and startups’, hosted by YourStory and Google Cloud, aims to bring forth the newer ways that this technology is helping organisations build solutions to become agile, scalable, without disrupting their ongoing operations.

Panellists featuring Sandeep Cashyap, Head - Early-Stage Startups, Google Cloud India; Sachin Sinha, Founder and CEO, Iqlect Software Solutions; Subrat Panda, Chief Technology Officer, Agnext; Ramkumar Sundarakalatharan, Head of Engineering, ITI LITE Technologies; Dhaneesh T.B, Co-Founder and Technology Head, Applicate IT Solutions; Vipul Divyanshu, Founder and CTO, Streak AI Technologies; Jagannath Nikam, Global Delivery Head, Sigmoid, will discuss technology opportunities, identify challenges, and create a dialogue for future solutions.

For all stakeholders, founders, technology professionals working to integrate cloud ecosystems, this is your chance to be part of a discussion that will bring forth questions, challenges and offer insights on how organisations can combine the benefits of containerisation and cloud computing so as to build flexible and agile outcomes, for your business needs and growth.

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