Tinder parent company says Google to allow alternative payments temporarily

The compromise comes after a "last resort" action earlier this month when Tinder parent company Match sued Google over its mandatory Play Store fees.

Match Group has announced that Google will allow alternative methods of payment for users of its Tinder mobile app on the Android platform.

Earlier this month, the relationship between the two companies had become fraught when Match sued Google as a "last resort".

According to Reuters, Match said it has withdrawn a request for a restraining order on Google, following the social media giant's decision to make a number of concessions to the company to allow Match's apps to remain available on the Play Store. Match's most popular platform is dating app Tinder.

The dispute between Match and Google is similar to the disputes that the latter is having with organisations such as 'Fortnite' developer Epic Games. Google is asking Tinder, Fortnite, and all other apps to only conduct billing via the Play Store, which will entitle Google up to 30 percent of all sales in fees.

However, various app makers as well as dozens of district attorneys in America have challenged this rule as illegal under anti-trust laws.

The dispute between Match and Google is set to be heard in court in April 2023.

(This copy has been updated to correct a typo in the headline and two errors in the copy)

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