Twitter launches pilot in-app shopping feature

Twitter is testing a feature in America where users can receive notifications for product launches on the platform.

Twitterhas announced a new feature called Product Drops to help users remember all the product launches they see on the platform. Product Drops will give users the ability to place a reminder for any future product launch advertisements they see.

The new feature will have a "Remind Me" button at the bottom of any product launch tweet. If chosen, the customer will receive a notification 15 minutes before and at the time of the drop so that they don't miss the launch.

Twitter also wants to integrate the product details on to the social media platform itself. According to the blog post announcing the new feature, when you click on the notification, you will be taken to an in-app description of the product as well as price and discount details. However, customers will still have to go to the brand's website to buy the product.

For now, only American users on Apple devices that run iOS will be able to access the new feature. Additionally, it will only be available for product launches in English currently. Some of the brands that are partnering with Twitter to launch the feature include Dior, Fossil, and LEGO.

Edited by Megha Reddy


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