Arman Sood of Sleepy Owl shares how being customer-obsessed can power growth

In the eight episode, Arman Sood, Co-Founder, Sleepy Owl, talks about ‘A startup's journey to scaling up’.

The Soonicorn Spotlight is a brand-new video series by YourStory in collaboration with PayU, one of India's leading payments solution providers. It was created to provide startup leaders with first-hand growth insights from some of the finest minds at the helm of the fastest-growing startups in the ecosystem.

In 2016, Sleepy Owl Coffee became the first brand to introduce India to the concept of Cold Brew Coffee and has been a proud pioneer in an extremely competitive space that has a lot of startups and several well-established players. Obsession with customer service is personally exemplified by Arman, whose efforts are the backbone of Sleepy Owl. In an insight-packed conversation with Yourstory, he discussed the nuances of scaling a new business in an extremely competitive market.

“The easiest way to get to our target audience - Gen Z and millennials - people who are comfortable and savvy with the internet, was to set up an online store,'' says Arman.

“We take a lot of pride in the quality of content that we create, and making it unique and different. So that in a world where you're constantly scrolling, you can still manage to capture someone's attention by doing something with authenticity and honesty. Those are the levers that initially helped us get off the ground,” he added.

“The moment we created a product that we could ship pan India, we saw a significant increase in volume that we were getting from around the country,” he said, talking about key learnings from expanding Sleepy Owl’s product portfolio and growing nationally.

Catch all these insights and more on the eighth episode of The Soonicorn Spotlight, brought to you by PayU. For more relevant content on powering your growth or scaling journeys, visit the specially curated Scale-up India page.


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