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Building edtech leaders of the future: How NIIT university aims to empower startups through EdTech Growth Summit

The Centre for Innovation Incubation and Entrepreneurship by NIIT University is organising EdTech Growth Summit for emerging startups in the space to accelerate their business to the next level of growth.

Building edtech leaders of the future: How NIIT university aims to empower startups through EdTech Growth Summit

Thursday October 06, 2022,

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We have had a front row seat to the growth of the edtech industry in India during the pandemic, owing to increased penetration of technology and more openness to digital learning. The surge in online learning has paved the way for the thriving landscape of startups in the sector. Despite the exponential growth opportunity and market potential, startups especially in the higher education and skill development segment are facing several challenges.

From increased customer acquisition costs to challenges pertaining to monetisation, low user engagement and inadequate infrastructure, new-age startups in the space need to reimagine the functioning to create a significant impact and build sustainable businesses.

Industry experts believe that startup founders need to sense the pulse of the learners and understand the education ecosystem to deal with challenging times. To map out a growth path for emerging edtech players, all stakeholders including the legacy players need to work in collaboration.

NIIT’s bid to foster a community of edtech startups

NIIT group, with decades of leadership and experience, has been a pioneer in the space of edtech innovation in India. In its continued commitment to the sector, the group is working towards building a strong ecosystem to empower and support potential edtech players with a sole focus on creating sustainable businesses. New-age edtech startups need resources, guidance and funding support to take their business to the next level. NIIT group has just the right resources and position to lead from the front and create an ecosystem that allows emerging edtech founders to learn, grow, network, access funds and navigate through difficult times.

The larger aim is to bring together influential players in the ecosystem and spearhead the reforms needed in the interest of overall growth and development of the sector.

Edtech Growth Summit - a step in the right direction

As a first major step in helping edtech startups chart their success journey, NIIT University through its Centre for Innovation Incubation and Entrepreneurship (CIIE), is coming up with an exciting EdTech Growth Summit.

Slated for October 13, 2022, the one-of-a-kind programme is designed in consultation with industry experts, investors to support and empower potential edtech startups. Through this programme, startups can participate in insightful knowledge sessions, workshops, fundraising opportunities, and one-to-one mentorship by top leaders. The programme is aiming at providing a unique and transformative experience to early stage edtech entrepreneurs as it is rare for top influential personalities of the sector to come together on a single platform.

CIIE by NIIT has long been fostering entrepreneurial talent on campus by hosting events, hackathons, for students to showcase their innovative ideas. The EdTech Growth Summit is extending the opportunity to founders aiming to revolutionise the future of education in India.

Learn from edtech leaders and innovators

How to scale my startup? What do the future of higher education and skill development look like? Where do I find the right kind of funding support? If you, as an early stage company, are looking for answers to these questions, NIIT’s EdTech Growth Summit brings to you insights, strategies, and proven methods of what it takes to build a successful edtech company and offers you the first-hand experience of industry leaders and successful founders.

Startup founders can look forward to insightful keynotes, fireside chats, and panel discussions featuring some of the most renowned leaders in the education space. The summit will host a live Q&A for founders to receive guidance from the best minds of the industry.

The edtech sector in the country is at an inflection point. As the pandemic boom subsides, the industry is looking at an uncertain future where learners are going back to traditional ways of education. This virtual summit is aimed at understanding the ways to strike a perfect balance between online and offline education while unlocking the immense potential in the online learning space.

The summit will feature renowned industry names such as Sanjeev Bikhchandani, Founder, Info Edge; Sanjeev Aggarwal, Co-founder, The Fundamentum Partnership and Helion Ventures; K Ganesh, Serial Entrepreneur with successful exits like TutorVista; Ashwin Damera, Co-founder, Emeritus and Eruditus; Pramath Sinha, Co-founder, Harappa Education; Rajendra Singh Pawar, Co-founder, NIIT Group; Vijay K Thadani, Co-founder, NIIT Group; Dr. Chandresekhar Sripada, Professor of ISB; Ashish Kashyap, Co-Founder, INDmoney, Siddarth Pai, Founding Partner, 3One4 Capital, Ravi Garikipati, Co-founder, Davinta Finserv and Ex- CTO, Flipkart; and Anand Sudarshan, Founder, Sylvant Advisors

Participating startups will receive support from NIIT in terms of deep sector expertise, mentorship, funding and guidance throughout their scaling journey. As a legacy player in the sector, NIIT understands the process of learning and creating outcomes for the education sector. Startups can also benefit from the university's talent pool to build innovative edtech solutions for the future.

A chance to secure funding

Apart from insightful sessions by best-in-class expert speakers and networking opportunities with industry experts and peers, the summit brings forth a chance for startups to secure an entry in the Founders Growthcamp at the NIIT University Neemrana, Rajasthan on November 16-18, 2022.

The Founders Growthcamp will give you a chance to present your product/service to some of the noted VC investors as well as NIIT group on the Demo day on 18th November. This is a golden chance for startups looking to secure investments as NIIT has been actively considering investing in startups with high potential.

In fact, NIIT LTD recently announced an investment of $ 2 million in Knolskape Solutions PTE LTD, a global leader in experiential learning. NIIT claims to have significant funds for investing in the digital-first higher education and skill development space through both organic and inorganic routes.

One of the key highlights of the summit is its partnership with Microsoft for Startups, Founders Hub. Up to 15 promising startups who have participated in the virtual summit will get a direct entry into Microsoft's Founders Hub programme. They will also get access to up to $150K in Azure credits, free access to Microsoft productivity tools as well as its extensive mentor network. Senior leadership at Microsoft will be part of the demo Day on November 18 and will be closely looking at startups showcasing their businesses.

This unique growth summit designed for upcoming stars of the edtech industry is a one-stop opportunity to learn, grow, network, scale, raise funds and more.