Robotics startup Nosh raises $1M in pre-seed round led by BITS Spark

Bengaluru-based robotics startup Nosh will use funds to further strengthen engineering, software and culinary teams, and deliver pre-orders.

Robotics startup Nosh raises $1M in pre-seed round led by BITS Spark

Thursday November 24, 2022,

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Nosh, a cooking robot developed by a Bengaluru-based startup Euphotic Labs, has raised a pre-seed round of $1 million led by BITS Spark, with participation from SuperMorpheus and other angels.

Founded in 2018, Nosh is an app-driven home cooking robot that cooks an extensive range of dishes such as curries, sautéed vegetables, pulao, pasta, and sweets, among others. automatically. It uses artificial intelligence to ensure food consistency and taste. Additionally, Nosh offers taste customisation options to cater to individual taste preferences.

“Nosh is a new category product, which means there is no product we can directly refer to and learn from. As a result, we go through a cycle of extreme experimentation, failure, evolution, and adoption. This makes the journey of building Nosh challenging yet even more exciting," Yatin Varachhia, Co-founder of Euphotic Labs, said in a press release.

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“There has always been a need for cooking robot right from the industrial revolution but only mechanical systems were not enough. Now AI is so evolved that it has become feasible to build robust robots with cooking intelligence to tackle the variability in ingredients and ensure cooking consistency,” said Sudeep Gupta, Co-founder, of Euphotic Labs.

Nosh has a waitlist of 2000+ consumers and has started beta trials in Bengaluru. The funds will be used to further strengthen its engineering, software, and culinary teams, and deliver pre-orders.

“I always searched for solutions that make home cooking easier but never found one. Since food is very diverse in terms of spiciness, way of cooking, quality of ingredients, and geography, this a very difficult problem to solve. I have spoken to a few other teams in this space but find Nosh with a multi-disciplinary approach and well-rounded team, to be perfect to solve this problem and relieve humanity from the hassle of cooking," said Jayan Ramankutty lead investor BITS Spark.

(The article was updated to include a quote from the investor.)

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