How this D2C snacking brand is on track to becoming a billion-dollar company

Dinika Bhatia, Founder and CEO of Nutty Gritties, a D2C nuts and dried fruits brand, speaks about how Nutty Gritties is on track to becoming a billion-dollar company in a decade.

Tuesday January 03, 2023,

2 min Read

Dinika Bhatia, Founder and CEO of Nutty Gritties, a Delhi-based D2C nuts and dry fruits brand, comes from a family that has been in the nuts business since 1887.

Dinika, who has been nuts about nuts since childhood, decided to bring her own stamp to the family business and started Nutty Gritties thirteen years ago, in 2009. She says, “We’ve been growing 30-40% organically over the last several years. We have been a profitable company for ten years now.”

The brand offers artisanal flavours like Barbecue Almonds, Southern Pepper Cashew and Thai Chilli Blend, Dark Chocolate Almonds as well as a bunch of different trail mixes such as a Sports Mix and a Moms Superfood Mix.

Dinika, however, believes in cracking even tougher nuts. She believes that Nutty Gritties is well on its way to becoming a billion-dollar company. She says, “Warren Buffett and the likes of Warren Buffett in the world have actually taught us the principles of compounding. As you compound onto that organic growth of 30-40%, we are going to hit a billion dollars in the next decade.”

Dinika adds that while the billion-dollar goal may be a while away, her biggest learning and her biggest message to other young entrepreneurs is that there is no rush, and it’s important to enjoy the journey as well.

Nutty Gritties is currently available in 1,200 stores in 25 cities across India, and is widely available on ecommerce and q-commerce platforms as well.

In terms of further expansion, Dinika says, “While we expand distribution geographically, we want to understand how to go deeper into our existing markets because people should actually be consuming more nuts.”

As a parting shot, Dinika says that at Nutty Gritties, the aim is always to keep adding taste so that health never feels like a punishment.

Edited by Megha Reddy