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Plugin Alliance’s first annual conclave Innovent 4.0 will help shape the Industry 4.0 ecosystem in India

Industry 4.0 technology-focussed Plugin Alliance will host Innovent 4.0 in Mumbai on February 23, 2022, to showcase India’s supply chain industries and engage with the community to promote the country’s manufacturing prowess.

Plugin Alliance’s first annual conclave Innovent 4.0 will help shape the Industry 4.0 ecosystem in India

Monday January 09, 2023,

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As digital transformation continues to take over industries through technologies such as advanced robotics, Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), artificial intelligence (AI), augmented reality (AR), and more, organisations around the world are slowly but surely moving towards increased sustainability and efficiency. And with manufacturing already taking a front seat thanks to the country’s Make In India and Make For World tenets, India’s Industry 4.0 solution ecosystem is helping manufacturers and supply chains locally achieve those same goals.

The Plugin Alliance — a first-of-its-kind industry technology alliance in India — is proud to announce its first annual conclave, Innovent 4.0, that aims to showcase India’s role in the Fourth Industrial Revolution, and facilitate partnerships that are building the country’s brand as a hub for innovation and globally competitive industries.

What is it?

Innovent 4.0, to be held on February 23, 2023 in Mumbai, will be an exclusive opportunity to network with peers to understand market trends, discover the latest technologies in Industry 4.0, and meet industry leaders from across the ecosystem. With the theme All.Together.Now to highlight the importance of community building for sustainable innovation, the conclave will provide a platform to discuss, debate, listen, contribute, and learn how enterprises and startups navigate the amazingly difficult path of capturing benefits across the entire manufacturing value chain.

The day-long event will also see the release of the State of the Nation report on ‘Industry 4.0 and the Future of Manufacturing in India’ by knowledge partner, Frost & Sullivan. The white paper aims to track India’s progress on its Industry 4.0 transformation journey, and highlight innovations, business trends, and ecosystem dynamics that are reshaping India’s manufacturing sector.

Why attend?

From keynotes to panel discussions, attendees at Innovent 4.0 will get to hear from the finest minds and leading industry experts from manufacturing, logistics, energy, and supply chain industries. Key themes for conversations across sessions at the conclave will focus on AI, IoT, robotics, automation, cybersecurity, 5G and Edge, and AR/VR, and the effect these technologies have and will have on manufacturing, logistics, industrial sustainability, and more.

Participating enterprises and startups will also be considered for awards under certain criteria, with some startups also getting the chance to showcase their products and services, and pitch to investors.

Who should go?

Innovent 4.0 will facilitate a platform for every stakeholder within the Industry 4.0 ecosystem to engage with each other.

Enterprises can expect exclusive networking opportunities with peers, engage in trend-forward discussions, and discover the latest technologies, tools, and providers of innovation.

Startups can look forward to expanding their network of potential customers, build business and partner relationships, attend exclusive knowledge sessions, and have an opportunity to showcase their products or pitch to a panel of investors and innovation heads.

Solution and scale providers will be able to network with potential customers and peers, showcase tech leadership in their respective industries. Academia and accelerators, meanwhile, will be able to network with industry leaders and interact with mature, deep tech startups for potential innovation targets.

While investors will have the chance to identify key challenges and problem statements within industries and discover leading Industry 4.0 startups as targets for investments, policymakers will benefit from exclusive roundtable discussion with industry luminaries and leaders, have front-end discussions around issues such as skilling and sustainability, and showcase government initiatives to accelerate adoption of Industry 4.0.

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