QWQER: How a new-age delivery platform became a crowd favourite in India

QWQER is knocking down multiple milestones by being the most reliable, trustworthy, and transparent hyperlocal delivery platform that’s working towards bridging the gap between users and customers.

QWQER: How a new-age delivery platform became a crowd favourite in India

Monday January 09, 2023,

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India’s third-party logistics sector has grown tremendously over the past few years. The best thing about third-party delivery services is that they allow businesses to access customers they may have never had the opportunity to reach otherwise. By utilising a service with an established customer base, organisations can seamlessly integrate their business into the platform and take orders immediately. This also enables businesses the flexibility to extend the delivery range beyond the traditional area at a minimal cost.

From trying to crack the B2C segment to becoming a key player in the B2B segment and then solving for B2C again, Prakash, Founder QWQER India, has come full circle. Established with a team of six in 2019 and functioning with 100 employees now, the growth of this hyperlocal services company is one for the books. As of December 2022, the organisation provides point-to-point delivery services in multiple regions of Karnataka, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Telangana and Andhra Pradesh.

We are serving about 1,000 customers covering both B2B and cloud.  QWQER delivery app has been downloaded by 1.2 lac users so far and we are doing around 2.5 lac deliveries per month, shares Prakash.

Sustaining SMBs and enabling growth

For Prashob KP, Digital Marketing Manager, MyG, a hub for mobiles and other electronic gadgets, QWQER’s timely response during the lockdown helped clear orders that were piling up. What stands out for Prashob is the flexibility and ownership attitude of the delivery executives. Building a team of professionals and delivery executives who are mindful, vigilant, and have the right mindset when it comes to problem-solving is not easy. Prakash and his team have cracked the code.

QWQER remains a step ahead of its competitors because of its presence across Tier-1 and Tier-2 cities. Spread across 18 locations, the organisation’s network of partners are trained before being onboarded. The company is also one of the first to have integrated the feature of scheduling a delivery in advance. Its state-of-the-art tech platform helps make services more efficient with dashboards and monitoring systems. Now, the team is planning to scale up operations in e-commerce and support local entrepreneurs in delivering groceries, vegetables, fish, meat, and medicine.

Leveraging tech for a positive impact

Ecommerce businesses started flourishing with the help of third-party logistics players like QWQER. The pandemic played a crucial role in fast-tracking the adoption of technological processes. From drone tech to personalised delivery solutions, Prakash has big dreams for the platform’s future.

Vineetha Chidambaran, COO of QWQER shares what the organisation offers. We offer a basket of services for other businesses. While the backbone of our business is our delivery platform, we are working with enterprise customers providing delivery service by integrating their platform with ours. We’re offering a one-stop solution for small and medium size business requirements, wherein the businesses can not only avail delivery services but also display their products in our marketplace QWQER Shop.

Additionally, we also have businesses that have their own delivery executives, who approach us only for our platform solution. For individual consumers, our reach extends to different cities, including Tier 2 and Tier 3 towns like Visakhapatnam and Vijayawada. We are also welcoming smaller logistics businesses and individuals who want to be entrepreneurs by opening franchisee options in certain locations,she adds.

Another refreshing aspect of QWQER and Prakash is the empowering work culture. Employees are encouraged to come up with new ideas and ways to execute them. Mistakes are considered part of the process and aspirations are goal-driven.

Prakash reveals how the organisation’s partners are able to focus on their core products while QWQER takes the responsibility for seamless delivery. Our merchant dashboard is comprehensive and offers live tracking for orders, order management, and order placement strategies. QWQER is also API-ready, which gives D2C brands, ecommerce focused SMEs, and online businesses a hassle-free solution for their delivery woes, he adds.

Carving a niche by adding value to every delivery

Customised delivery models for merchants, multiple options of delivery — 3-wheelers and 4-wheelers, pricing consistency with no surge charges, no minimum order value, and a brilliant customer support platform, are some of the factors that place QWQER on top when it comes to point-to-point delivery service options. Providing complementary services, creating different types of delivery models, and addressing customer pain points as soon as possible are three things that the team at QWQER wants to work on constantly.

Individuals can also leverage QWQER’s services. Their app can be downloaded easily and it takes just a few easy steps to book a delivery slot. Since the platform has been built taking into consideration every hassle a user might encounter, customers can be assured of safe and sound delivery of their items.

One of the driving forces for QWQER is the motivation to keep customers happy and satisfied. Every little change on our platform has been thoroughly thought through as per the requirements of our enterprise clients,shares Prakash. The QWQER team is rapidly scaling up operations in multiple segments to keep pace with the demand for their service offerings.

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