Rewarding Success: GRG India's Journey of Automating Incentives for Enterprises

Unlocking the Potential of Rewards and Incentives for Companies: How GRG India is Revolutionizing Employee and Channel Partner Experiences.

Rewarding Success: GRG India's Journey of Automating Incentives for Enterprises

Monday March 13, 2023,

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For some, work is its own reward. For many others, visible and timely rewards and incentives add more magic to their work.

GRG India is an enterprise SaaS company that simplifies rewards and incentive delivery for employees, sales teams, and channel partners. Founded in April 2021 by Charoo Aggarwal, Ganesh Sindhe, and Khushy Aggarwal, GRG India is currently serving several large customers as well as startups.

The team saw a massive opportunity in the incentive automation space with an unmet large revenue opportunity within India alone. In 2021, they pivoted and launched their ‘My Incentives’ product, an end to end software to manage and deliver incentives for enterprises. Since launch, they have grown 4x and are currently at ~20K end users across 16+ countries. 

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My Incentives is no code, largely self-serve SaaS, for sales leaders to create an incentive plan on the platform in under 10 minutes. As an enterprise SaaS company, their revenue model is based on per user per month (PEPM) pricing. The product is built for global usage right from its design stage.

GRG India is also proud to be a women led start-up with a majority female team, a fact which is still unfortunately relatively rare within the Indian technology start-up ecosystem today which see less than 20% of the companies being founded by women and less than 2% of the overall funding being allocated to women-only founder teams.

As they keep scaling their business and bringing more technology and automation to the how companies can drive incentives and rewards, the global benchmarks can become best practices for more companies in setting up and driving best-in-class rewards and incentives.