"Safe Kerala" Initiative: AI Cameras to Enforce Traffic Laws and Boost Road Safety

Artificial intelligence cameras take center stage in Kerala's "Safe Kerala" project to identify traffic law violations and promote safer roads.

"Safe Kerala" Initiative: AI Cameras to Enforce Traffic Laws and Boost Road Safety

Thursday April 20, 2023,

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Launching on April 20th, the "Safe Kerala" initiative will employ artificial intelligence (AI) cameras to detect traffic law violations and issue fines in the southern Indian state of Kerala. The Kerala Motor Vehicle Department has set up 726 AI cameras to monitor and identify these infractions.

Initially, the AI cameras will focus on detecting violations such as riding a two-wheeler without a helmet, carrying more than two passengers on a two-wheeler, using a mobile phone while driving, and running red lights. The "Safe Kerala" project has adopted the "Fully Automated Traffic Enforcement System" to detect offenses using cameras, as the Motor Vehicle Department believes that roadside policing is inconvenient for the general public.

The AI cameras are powered by solar energy and use 4G LTE SIM cards to transmit data. The camera box's visual processing unit will analyse each vehicle. Images of vehicles and drivers that violate traffic laws will be sent to the Motor Vehicles Department's control room. A system has been established to store up to six months of violation footage. The Motor Vehicles Department estimates that as many as 30,000 penalty notices could be sent out in a single day. Motor vehicle inspectors will review traffic violations before issuing warnings.

The rise in road accidents in Kerala is mainly due to poor compliance with safety regulations and inadequate infrastructure development. Two-wheelers are particularly hazardous on Kerala's roads, with riders suffering the most injuries. In 2022, Kerala recorded 13,334 two-wheeler accidents, which resulted in 1,288 deaths. In contrast, 1,069 people lost their lives in 10,154 two-wheeler accidents in 2021.

In 2022, a total of 43,910 traffic accidents occurred in the state, leading to 4,317 deaths and 34,638 injuries. In 2021, 33,296 accidents resulted in 3,429 fatalities, with 10,280 minor injuries and 26,495 serious injuries. Ernakulam district in Kerala had the highest number of accidents, with 4,047 reported incidents.

Officials attribute the accidents to people not following road regulations and reckless behaviour, such as drunk driving or driver negligence.

In addition to the AI technology implemented in the "Safe Kerala" project, AI can also help prevent accidents and enhance safety by detecting potential hazards and monitoring driver behaviour or. AI systems can predict and prevent collisions, alert drivers to potential risks, and even intervene in critical situations to avoid accidents. Ultimately, the integration of AI technology into traffic enforcement and vehicle systems could lead to safer roads and a significant reduction in traffic accidents and fatalities.