WhatsApp 2023 Update: A Leap Towards Enhanced Connectivity and Security

WhatsApp continues to innovate, with a slew of new features expected in 2023. Explore the implications of editable messages, pinned messages, status archives for businesses, and more.

WhatsApp 2023 Update: A Leap Towards Enhanced Connectivity and Security

Wednesday May 31, 2023,

4 min Read

WhatsApp, the global messaging giant, has been continuously innovating to improve its user experience. In 2023, a host of new features have been added to WhatsApp, aimed at enhancing user convenience, security, and overall interaction on the platform. Let's delve into these new features and understand what they bring to the table.

Editable Messages

One of the most significant updates is the ability to edit sent messages, a long-awaited feature that will provide users with a 15-second window to correct typos or add more details to their messages without having to delete them. To ensure transparency, any edited message will be marked with an "edited" label within its bubble​​.

Pinning Messages

Another feature that users can look forward to is the ability to pin messages within a chat window, applicable to both group and personal chats. The implementation of this feature means that users can quickly access specific messages, with a small icon on the chat bubble indicating that the message is pinned​​.

Expanded Duration Options for Disappearing Messages

WhatsApp is also set to roll out expanded duration options for disappearing messages. Users will soon have the ability to choose from durations ranging from 1 hour to 180 days, and even up to 1 year. The shorter durations could be useful for sensitive and confidential messages, while the longer ones can help manage storage over time​​.

View Once for Audio

In addition to the existing "view once" feature for images, WhatsApp is also introducing a "view once" feature for audio messages. These audio messages can be played only once, making it a useful feature for users who frequently send sensitive audio or for those who prefer additional control over their sent media​​.

Faster WhatsApp Windows App

Improvements are also on the horizon for the WhatsApp Windows app, with an update that has already begun rolling out. The new app allows users to add up to 32 people on video calls, taking full advantage of larger laptop screens, and promises a faster overall performance​​.

Usernames and Screen Sharing

WhatsApp is also working on introducing usernames and screen sharing features. The username feature, currently spotted in the Android beta version, will allow users to select a unique username attached to their account, potentially enabling users to find each other by their username instead of using a phone number. Importantly, conversations started using a username will continue to be end-to-end encrypted​​.

Screen sharing, another upcoming feature spotted in the Android beta version, will allow users to share the contents of their screen during video calls, with the application also recording the portion of the call that is shared​​.

Status Archive for Businesses

A "status archive" setting is being tested for businesses, enabling them to archive statuses after 24 hours and reshare them in the future. This feature, however, seems to be limited to businesses for the time being​​.

Call Tab on WhatsApp Desktop

WhatsApp is planning to introduce a dedicated call tab for its desktop app to keep up with all the recent and missed calls. The call log will sync with the phone in real-time, providing users with up-to-date calling history

WhatsApp Business Directory

WhatsApp is rolling out a business directory that will let users find and connect with businesses based on various categories and niches, including restaurants, grocery stores, automobile services, and more

Screenlock for WhatsApp Desktop

Unlike the WhatsApp mobile app, the desktop app does not come with a biometric screen lock. A built-in screen lock feature, which adds additional layers of security, could land on both Windows and Mac sometime in 2023

These innovative updates demonstrate WhatsApp's commitment to continually improve its platform, providing users with a more immersive, feature-rich, and secure messaging experience.