Google's New AI Venture, Gemini: Expected to Outperform chatGPT

Explore Gemini, Google's ambitious AI project that draws upon AlphaGo-inspired problem-solving techniques, aiming to redefine AI capabilities and outperform models like ChatGPT.

Google's New AI Venture, Gemini: Expected to Outperform chatGPT

Monday July 03, 2023,

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Google is embarking on an exciting journey to potentially transform the AI industry with a new project, Gemini. Announced at this year's Google I/O conference, there's considerable anticipation for Gemini to exceed the performance of existing AI systems, including OpenAI's ChatGPT.

Gemini is a brainchild of Google's DeepMind, under the leadership of CEO Demis Hassabis. He envisions Gemini to outdo established AI models like ChatGPT in their game. Gemini is designed to tackle any data or task without resorting to specialised models, and it's set to produce unique content that transcends the limits of its training data.

The development blueprint for Gemini leverages the triumph of Google's AlphaGo, an AI software that made headlines by beating a world champion in the game 'Go' back in 2016. The techniques that fueled AlphaGo's success are being implemented in Gemini, marrying AlphaGo’s problem-solving prowess with advanced language processing capacities. This also involves reinforcement learning, a method where software iteratively tries to complete a task and improves based on performance feedback.

While Gemini is in its development stages, its projected features are already stirring global interest. The system is predicted to bring about significant changes in the AI domain, especially in the generative AI industry, which is forecasted to hit £80.16 billion by 2030. Nevertheless, it's noteworthy that Gemini's current capability is limited to text processing, unlike GPT-4, which can process images, audio, text, and video. Despite this restriction, Gemini aspires to provide more creative responses, breaking free from its training data to produce unexpected content.

Google's past AI ventures, such as the chatbot Bard, faced some roadblocks, including a factual error in its debut demo that led to a significant plunge in the market value of parent company Alphabet. These challenges likely add to the pressure to ensure a flawless launch for Gemini. Therefore, the roll-out of Gemini is anticipated to be meticulously planned to prevent such mishaps.

As the development of Gemini progresses, it's a project worth keeping an eye on. If successful, Gemini could reshape the AI industry and establish new benchmarks for AI capabilities. However, until the final version is out and assessed in real-world situations, the query of whether it will outperform ChatGPT and other AI systems remains unanswered.

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