Indian Government's Game-Changer: Comprehensive EV Charging App

The Indian government is set to launch a revolutionary app that provides a consolidated view of all EV charging and battery swapping stations across the country. The initiative aims to transform the country's EV charging landscape, making it easier and more convenient for EV owners.

Indian Government's Game-Changer: Comprehensive EV Charging App

Friday June 23, 2023,

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In a push to streamline the electric vehicle (EV) infrastructure, the Indian government, under the aegis of NITI Aayog, is all set to introduce a new app consolidating all EV charging and battery swapping stations throughout the nation. This technological breakthrough is slated to be operational in the forthcoming two months​.

Currently, the country boasts more than 7,000 public EV charging facilities​1​, but the network is fragmented. EV owners can only access information about charging stations that are specific to their vehicle brand. For instance, an individual with a Tata electric car has visibility only to Tata's charging infrastructure. This brand-specific approach is set to change with the advent of the new app, as it aims to provide a holistic view of charging options across all vehicle brands, including MG, Mercedes, EESL, among others​.

The forthcoming app promises to deliver crucial details about each station, including location, operational status, and capacity. It will also categorize the stations as open, captive, or semi-public. Public stations can be found in a variety of locations, including streetsides, retail centers, government establishments, and parking spaces. Captive stations are exclusive to the EVs owned by the station owner, like fleet vehicles. Semi-public stations, although installed on private land, are accessible to the public, such as those located in visitor parking areas​.

In addition to standard charging options, the app will incorporate details about battery swapping facilities and differentiate between fast and slow chargers, thereby enhancing the overall EV ownership experience in India​.

Future iterations of the app plan to encompass features such as reservation and direct payment for charging slots, thereby offering a comprehensive solution for EV owners​.

In a parallel development, the Indian government has earmarked Rs 800 crore for oil marketing firms to establish 22,000 fast chargers at fuel stations. This initiative is part of the broader FAME (Faster Adoption and Manufacturing of Hybrid & Electric Vehicles) project that seeks to encourage the adoption of EVs and establish a robust charging network​.

The private sector is also playing its part in expanding the EV charging landscape. Companies like The Indian Hotels Company (IHCL) and Marriott International have respectively installed 224 and 100 EV charging stations at their properties, in collaboration with ChargeZone​.

The upcoming app signifies a pivotal move in India's endeavor to create a unified, comprehensive, and user-friendly EV charging infrastructure. It is anticipated to enhance the convenience of owning an EV and support the country's ambitious clean and green energy objectives.