PW invests Rs 500 Cr to consolidate South Indian market with Xylem Learning

The partnership between edtech unicorn Physics Wallah and Kerala-based Xylem Learning involves strategic equity and cash investments in the latter and scaling up operations.

PW invests Rs 500 Cr to consolidate South Indian market with Xylem Learning

Sunday June 18, 2023,

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Edtech unicorn Physics Wallah has entered into a strategic partnership with Kerala-based edtech firm Xylem Learning, under which it plans to invest Rs 500 crore over the next three years, the company said on Sunday.

The partnership is aimed to strengthen the presence of PW in the southern market.

"This partnership with Xylem Learning fills me with immense excitement and pride. It not only aligns with our shared vision of providing quality education to all but also propels us closer to our strategic goal of becoming the leading education platform in South India," PW Founder and CEO Alakh Pandey said in a statement.

The partnership involves strategic equity and cash investments in Xylem and scaling up operations.

"In three years, we will invest Rs 500 crore to propagate the brave and unique "XYLEM model of Hybrid Learning" to other adjoining sister states. It is a special result-oriented plan of learning, which has especially impressed me.

"To do this it will require robust team building, content development, technological innovation, expansion in other categories and hybrid centres. We will also look at mergers and acquisitions in the South," Pandey said.

Founded by 26-year-old MBBS graduate Ananthu S, Xylem Learning claims to have a strong presence in the Kerala market and plans to now expand to Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, and other southern markets.

At present, Xylem Learning provides free classes to over three million students through its 30 YouTube channels. Additionally, it has more than one lakh paid students across its various online courses and 30,000 students in its offline or hybrid centres located across five prime districts of Kerala.

It also operates 10 tuition centres and a school-integrated programme across seven schools. It has also ventured into commerce and Kerala PSC test preparation and will continue expanding into other categories.

Built on the exchange of technology and knowledge, the collaboration will leverage the strengths of both platforms to deliver the learning experience for JEE and NEET aspirants in South India.

Ananthu said that the partnership is driven by the principles of affordability, trust, and the democratisation of education.

"We aim to achieve Rs 300 crore revenue with 25% EBITDA in FY24, up from Rs 150 crore in FY23. Alakh Pandey's vision perfectly aligns with ours, as we are both dedicated to making quality education accessible and affordable for students," he said.

Edited by Suman Singh