Scapia: Anil Goteti's Fintech Revolution for Travel Enthusiasts

Learn about Anil Goteti's vision for Scapia, his commitment to making travel accessible, and his journey from Flipkart to fintech entrepreneurship.

Scapia: Anil Goteti's Fintech Revolution for Travel Enthusiasts

Friday June 16, 2023,

2 min Read

Former Flipkart senior executive Anil Goteti is back in the startup scene with Scapia, a travel fintech venture that aims to revolutionize the way people travel. With its unique credit card and app, Scapia offers customers the opportunity to earn rewards on their card spends and redeem them for flights and hotel stays worldwide. In this article, we will explore how Scapia is rewriting the narrative of travel and making it more accessible to young Indian travelers.

A New Paradigm in Travel Rewards:

Scapia sets itself apart by offering a generous 10% rewards on every transaction made with their credit card. These rewards are minted into Scapia coins, which can be redeemed for flights and hotel stays across the globe. The company's user-friendly app provides a seamless, one-click redemption process, making travel dreams a reality.

Seamless Travel Experience with Scapia Card:

In partnership with Federal Bank and based on the VISA network, the Scapia card can be used in over 150 countries and at a million merchants worldwide. This enables users to access real-time transactions within the Scapia app, providing convenience and security during their travel journeys.

Unleashing Travel Benefits:

Scapia goes beyond traditional credit cards by offering additional travel benefits. Cardholders enjoy zero forex markup, making international transactions more cost-effective. Furthermore, the Scapia card provides unlimited domestic lounge access without any joining or annual fees, enhancing the overall travel experience.

Anil Goteti's Vision:

Anil Goteti, the mastermind behind Scapia, envisions a world where travel is accessible to everyone. Drawing from his experience as a senior vice president at Flipkart, Goteti believes in creating innovative solutions that cater to the needs of young Indian travelers. Scapia represents his commitment to making travel dreams a reality.

From Protonn to Scapia:

Scapia is not Goteti's first venture in the startup space. After leaving Flipkart, he founded Protonn, which unfortunately didn't find the right product-market fit. However, with Scapia, Goteti has learned from past experiences and is determined to create a fintech platform that addresses the pain points of travelers.

Scapia, led by Anil Goteti, is set to disrupt the travel industry with its innovative fintech solutions. By offering a rewarding credit card and a user-friendly app, Scapia empowers travelers to explore the world while enjoying exclusive benefits and seamless experiences. With its commitment to accessibility and customer satisfaction, Scapia is poised to become a game-changer in the travel fintech space.