Kalaari Capital launches fellowship programme to groom leaders in the VC space

The Kalaari Fellowship will be a two-year programme offering well-rounded exposure to all aspects of the investment world.

Kalaari Capital launches fellowship programme to groom leaders in the VC space

Thursday July 06, 2023,

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Kalaari Capital, an early-stage venture capital firm, has launched its analyst programme—the Kalaari Fellowship—which aims to develop the next generation of leaders in the venture capital and entrepreneurial landscape.

According to a statement from the VC firm, The Fellowship Programme is a very selective, full-time, two-year structured programme that follows the apprenticeship model and places multidisciplinary learning at its core. It aims to engage fellows through a series of diverse projects and immersive experiences in key areas such as investment analysis, research, portfolio support, and marketing and community-building initiatives, including social media management.

On the new programme, Kalaari Capital Managing Director Vani Kola said, “We are looking for individuals who are impact-oriented, entrepreneurial, and self-driven.” She noted that the programme aims to enable problem-solving with diverse thinking, networking of peer groups with varied experiences, collaborative risk-taking, and patient determination.

“Our best fellows are problem solvers who bring a learning mindset, great attitude, new ideas and fresh perspectives. Most importantly, they are willing to roll up their sleeves and get work done,” Kola added.

Vani Kola of Kalaari Capital

Kalaari Capital Managing Director Vani Kola

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The people selected for this programme will get the opportunity to work directly with senior members at Kalaari Capital to gain exposure and mentorship from industry experts. Fellows will be responsible for conducting primary and secondary research, identifying emerging trends, sourcing potential startups, performing financial analysis, developing business projections, and contributing to various marketing, branding, and community-building initiatives.

Siddhanth Jayaram, an ex-fellow of the Kalaari Fellowship Programme and Co-founder of Climes.io, a portfolio company of Kalaari Capital, said, "The fellowship was a great learning curve for me where I absorbed what it takes to invest, nurture and build a startup."

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