Ambiga Subramanian: Bengaluru's third wealthiest self-made woman

Ambiga Subramanian's rise to success in business is a story of resilience and innovation, making her Bengaluru's third wealthiest self-made woman.

Ambiga Subramanian: Bengaluru's third wealthiest self-made woman

Friday August 11, 2023,

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Bengaluru is India's hub for tech and business giants. Among its luminaries is Ambiga Subramanian, recently named the city's third wealthiest self-made woman. Her impressive net worth of Rs 1,830 crore sets her just behind top names like Biocon's Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw and Byju's Divya Gokulnath, according to the Kotak Private Banking Hurun Leading Wealthy Women List for India.

Ambiga's education laid a strong foundation for her success. She completed her electrical engineering in Chennai and then a master's in Computer Engineering in the US. She started her career in 1998 with Motorola, a global communications leader.

However, the turning point came in 2004 when she joined Mu Sigma, a data analytics company started by her then-husband, Dhiraj Rajaram. Here, she didn't just work; she soared, eventually becoming its CEO. In 2017, her achievements were nationally recognized when she was listed as India's youngest top self-made millionaire by the Hurun rich list.

But life and business are both about change. After parting ways with her husband, Ambiga sold her significant 24% share in Mu Sigma to him. But stopping wasn't an option for this dynamic leader. In 2018, she introduced her own venture:, a fresh take on social networking. Plus, she began investing wisely in promising startups, showcasing her knack for spotting potential.

In essence, Ambiga Subramanian's journey from a graduate to one of Bengaluru's top business magnates is awe-inspiring. As she continues to innovate and invest, she's a name to watch in Bengaluru's bustling business scene.