Baby Kangaroo and 230 Reptiles in Bengaluru Airport Luggage

Man arrested at Bengaluru Airport with a dead baby kangaroo and 230 reptiles in luggage, highlighting wildlife smuggling issues

Baby Kangaroo and 230 Reptiles in Bengaluru Airport Luggage

Wednesday August 23, 2023,

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A shocking discovery was made at Bengaluru’s Kempegowda International Airport when a man was found carrying over 230 live reptiles and a deceased baby kangaroo in his luggage. The passenger from Ramnad, Tamil Nadu, had just arrived from Bangkok on an AirAsia flight when he was stopped by customs officials.

His suspicious behavior caught the attention of the officials, prompting them to inspect his luggage. Inside, they found multiple plastic boxes filled with dangerous reptiles, including spitting cobras, pythons, lizards, tortoises, and small crocodiles.

What was even more alarming was the discovery of a young kangaroo, also known as a joey, hidden inside one of the containers. Tragically, the joey had died from suffocation while concealed in the suitcase.

A report from Times of India quotes an officer saying that the contents of the container initially looked like a small dog. When opened, they were shocked to find the young kangaroo.

The man was arrested on Tuesday and is now in jail, charged under Section 104 of the Customs Act. He is claiming that he did not know what was in his suitcase. The reptiles found in his possession have been sent back to Thailand.

The incident highlights the continuous issue of illegal wildlife smuggling and the necessity for vigilant customs checks. This tragic discovery serves as a reminder of the need for strong regulations and enforcement to prevent such cruel and illegal activities.

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