Iconic Meme Dog Cheems Passes Away: The Internet Remembers Balltze

The world bids adieu to Cheems, but his iconic memes and the happiness he radiated promise an everlasting digital legacy

Iconic Meme Dog Cheems Passes Away: The Internet Remembers Balltze

Sunday August 20, 2023,

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On August 18, the internet experienced a collective moment of grief, marking the loss of one of its most iconic meme figures - the Shiba Inu dog, Cheems. Balltze, the beloved canine, who was diagnosed with cancer, unfortunately, did not wake up after his last thoracentesis surgery.

Starting his journey to fame in 2017, Balltze became an internet sensation when his owner Kathy, from Hong Kong, posted pictures of him lounging on marble steps. A comment that likened his appearance to "cheese" birthed the meme stage name, "Cheems". This iconic dog, in his meme form, primarily epitomized emotions of discomfort or weakness.

Over the years, the smile of the round-faced Shiba Inu became symbolic of joy and humor amidst the grim times of the pandemic. Kathy, who adopted Cheems when he was only a year old, consistently posted about his daily moods, capturing his undeniable cuteness. As an icon of comfort, Cheems turned into an internet phenomenon, helping millions across the globe find a reason to smile during trying times.

Fans worldwide mourned the loss, flooding the internet with condolences and tributes. "RIP buddy you brought a lot of people happiness," one user reminisced. Another commented, "He is a legend of the Internet world... he is immortal. Rest in love sweet Ball Ball." Many noted the pivotal role Cheems played in brightening up the bleakness of 2020. "He helped many get through 2020. His meme trend will live on to honor his life," a user highlighted.

Kathy expressed her gratitude for the love and support the global community has shown. She believes that Balltze is now "running freely in the sky" and hopes that his digital legacy will continue to bring joy to everyone online.

Moreover, in the heartwarming spirit of giving, funds that were donated for Balltze's treatment will now find their way to local animal charities.

Cheems and the myriad of memes surrounding him, a part of the "Ironic Doge Memes", have indubitably left a mark on the internet culture. As the world bids adieu to this beloved canine legend, his meme legacy promises to continue, reminding us of the happiness and solace he brought into our lives. As his owners poignantly stated, "Thank you everyone, thank you. Balltze knows how much he was loved by all of you."