From Pop Stardom to Perfume Mastery: King's Blanko Journey

Blanko's innovation isn't just in scent. With groundbreaking 'time lock technology', this brand merges celebrity charisma with unparalleled endurance.

From Pop Stardom to Perfume Mastery: King's Blanko Journey

Wednesday August 09, 2023,

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In the thriving world of fragrances, April 2023 marked the debut of an exceptional scent, "Blanko". A combined brainchild of pop star King and business aficionado Raj Shamani, this brand swiftly carved its niche. But what makes Blanko so captivating?

Origins and Collaboration

The essence of Blanko finds its roots in two worlds: music and business. King, or Arpan Kumar Chandel, first dazzled the music scene in 2019 through MTV Hustle, especially with his track 'Tu Aake Dekhle' which boasts 400 million YouTube views. His collaboration with global artist Nick Jonas further elevated his fame.

On the other side is Raj Shamani, a prolific entrepreneur and co-founder of House of X with Neeraj Kumawat. Their platform, dedicated to helping creators and celebrities launch brands, seemed the perfect match for King's perfume ambitions.

Birth of an Idea

King's inspiration for a signature perfume arose during a podcast with Shamani. More than just merchandise, he envisioned a scent his fans could wear, effectively embodying a part of him. House of X, praised in a Forbes India feature for its comprehensive business operations, became King's choice to bring this vision to life.

Blanko's Stellar Reception

Blanko's introduction was a market sensation. Launch day witnessed a staggering 80,000 customers and sales nearing Rupees 20 lakhs. Their fragrances, 'Dawn' and 'Dusk', were instant hits, and within three months, Blanko's monthly revenue soared to Rupees 1 crore.

Innovating in Fragrance

Blanko isn’t just resting on its initial success. It's gearing up to introduce perfumes embedded with groundbreaking 'time lock technology'. A first in India, this ensures the fragrance endures 24 hours on clothes and up to 16 hours on the skin.

Vision for the Future

With a blend of ambition and strategy, King and Raj target an annual recurring revenue of Rupees 100 crore for Blanko in the next two years.

In the vast perfume market, Blanko's aroma is undeniably unique, a testament to the harmonious blend of music and entrepreneurship.