Google's Dark Web Report Launches in India: A Simple Guide

Google introduces the Dark Web Report for Indian Google One subscribers, aiming to combat rising cyber threats by monitoring personal data

Google's Dark Web Report Launches in India: A Simple Guide

Thursday August 24, 2023,

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Google's latest move to strengthen online privacy and data security has now reached the shores of India. As cybercrimes continue to surge in the country, Google One subscribers have a new tool in their arsenal to combat potential threats emanating from the hidden corners of the internet - the Dark Web Report feature.

A Deep Dive into Google's Dark Web Report

Launched initially for US users in March, the Dark Web Report was exclusively available to Google One's Premium 2TB plan subscribers. However, recognising the imminent threats faced by users, the service was soon extended to all US users and has now been made available for Google One subscribers in India.

The primary purpose of this feature? To allow users to actively monitor their personal data on the dark web, a notorious space known for various illicit activities, including the sale of stolen personal information. Given its concealed nature, tracking cybercriminals on the dark web can be an arduous task. Google's feature, however, simplifies this.

How Does It Work?

Users will have the freedom to activate this report and customise the specific details they wish to monitor, such as their name, date of birth, email addresses, and phone numbers. If any of this data is detected on the dark web, the system promptly sends an alert to the user, offering actionable advice on how to secure their compromised data.

While standard Google users can conduct a one-time dark web check for their email, it's the Google One subscribers who gain the most. They can leverage the feature to its full extent, monitoring various personal details and receiving real-time alerts.

Taking Privacy a Notch Higher

But Google's feature is more than just a warning system. It provides a comprehensive picture of where and how the data might have been leaked, detailing hacking attempts and data breaches. Adhering to Google's strict privacy standards, users can be assured of the safety of their monitored data. And if they ever feel the need, they can easily deactivate or remove their tracking.

A Significant Move in the Right Direction

As cybercrimes in India witness an upswing, the introduction of the Dark Web Report feature stands as a testament to Google's commitment to user safety. With personal information more vulnerable than ever, Indian subscribers now have an additional layer of security, ensuring their data remains in safe hands.

While the digital realm continues to pose various challenges, features such as Google's Dark Web Report are pioneering steps towards creating a safer online ecosystem.

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