Google Unleashes Mapping Data for Solar Industry, Eyes $100 Million Debut Earnings

From Project Sunroof to a network of 350 million structures, Google is leveraging data to supercharge the renewable energy sector, marking a transformational step toward a sustainable future

Google Unleashes Mapping Data for Solar Industry, Eyes $100 Million Debut Earnings

Tuesday August 29, 2023,

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Google is diving headfirst into a brand-new venture,according to CNBC it's all about championing renewable energy. With aspirations of bagging a cool $100 million in the inaugural year, the tech titan plans to sell game-changing mapping data to companies at the forefront of the renewable energy revolution. So, what's the big deal?

Here Comes the Sun

Google's master plan revolves around new digital tools called Application Programming Interfaces (APIs). These aren't just fancy tech terms; they're gateways to vital information about solar energy and air quality. Imagine you're a solar installation company or a real estate giant; these APIs can offer you a treasure trove of data to help your business thrive and, more importantly, contribute to a sustainable future.

The star player among these tools? The Solar API. This new tool can be a game-changer for big names in solar installation, like SunRun and Tesla Energy, and even for rising stars in the solar design world, such as Aurora Solar. But the potential doesn't stop there. Even the hospitality sector and utilities companies, like Marriott Bonvoy and PG&E, could benefit.

Project Sunroof 2.0

A significant chunk of this Solar API's genius is borrowed from Google's earlier initiative, Project Sunroof. Launched in 2015, it was all about helping everyday folks figure out how going solar could save them money. Adding a cherry on top, it even used 3D modeling to show how solar installations would look on individual rooftops!

Now, Google plans to supercharge this. With the new API, they aim to provide data not just on individual homes but on entire cities. Picture this: data on a whopping 350 million buildings ready to tap into.

Breathing Easy with Air Quality

Solar isn't the only focus. In our fast-changing world, knowing about air quality is crucial. Enter Google's Air Quality API. With this, businesses can get the low-down on air quality in real-time, even tracking changes over the past 30 days. This means more insights for us about the air we breathe daily.

In a nutshell, Google's stepping up, hoping to power the renewable energy wave with data. As the world inches closer to a sustainable future, Google's new venture could be the push we all need. And while we're yet to hear an official word from the tech giant, one thing's for sure: the future of renewable energy just got a lot brighter.