From LIC to Billionaire at 60: Lachhman Mittal's Success Story

Lachhman Das Mittal, starting at 60, built a global brand, Sonalika Tractors, reaching 74 countries and becoming India's third-largest tractor producer.

From LIC to Billionaire at 60: Lachhman Mittal's Success Story

Monday August 21, 2023,

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At an age when most envision retirement, 60-year-old Lachhman Das Mittal, from a modest background, embarked on an entrepreneurial journey that challenged conventional notions about age and success.

Cultivating Financial Wisdom

During his tenure at the Life Insurance Corporation of India (LIC), Mittal nurtured his understanding of finances. Instead of the traditional safety net of bank accounts, he showcased a penchant for diversification, investing wisely in various schemes and mutual funds. These early financial choices sowed seeds for his later ventures.

An Entrepreneurial Leap at 60

In a bold move, Mittal founded Sonalika Tractors in Punjab in 1995, marking his departure from LIC and his initial steps into the business world. This wasn’t without its challenges. An initial miscalculation in the agricultural machinery sector led him to face bankruptcy, wiping out his investments. But Mittal, with the spirit of a true entrepreneur, turned challenges into opportunities.

Redefining Agricultural Machinery

A chance introduction to Japanese machinery, used for wheat and hay separation, gave Mittal a renewed direction. Shifting focus to agricultural equipment, especially threshers, he achieved national acclaim in a surprisingly short span of eight years. Tractor manufacturing, though not initially in his plans, became a significant pivot, driven by market demands.

Sonalika Tractors: A Global Phenomenon

To realize his expanding vision for tractors, Mittal needed substantial financial support. With unwavering trust from his dealers, he secured a significant loan of Rs 22 crore, which became a catalyst for Sonalika Tractors' unprecedented success. Now headquartered in Jalandhar, Punjab, Sonalika has gone global, with products reaching 74 countries. Its robust presence is underscored by five international manufacturing facilities and impressive annual sales, hitting 1,51,160 in FY'23, after achieving a milestone of 1,00,000 in FY22.

A Legacy of Perseverance

Today, as per Forbes, Mittal boasts a net worth of $2.6B, standing tall as the nation’s oldest billionaire. Mittal’s journey from an LIC officer to a global tractor magnate underscores the narrative that it’s never too late to pursue dreams. His story serves as an inspiring testament to the power of resilience, vision, and determination.