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Here’s how Pristyn Care is transforming healthcare with a patient-centric business model

Pristyn Care, a leading healthcare provider that facilitates advanced secondary care surgeries, is driving the narrative of patient-centricity and best in class healthcare services

Here’s how Pristyn Care is transforming healthcare with a patient-centric business model

Friday August 04, 2023 , 4 min Read

In India's burgeonin healthcare sector, where challenges and opportunities intertwine, three individuals came together in 2018 to weave a new narrative. Meet Harsimarbir Singh, a seasoned serial entrepreneur, Dr Vaibhav Kapoor, and Dr Garima Sawhney, the minds behind healthcare startup Pristyn Care

The Gurugram-based startup, which became India’s 42nd unicorn of 2021, aims to simplify the surgery journey of patients and their families by offering care and assistance at every step. With a vast ecosystem of 200+ clinics, 700+ hospitals, and 400+ in-house super-speciality surgeons currently operating in 42 cities across India, the company strives to redefine the healthcare experience through technology and innovation.

In an interaction with YourStory, co-founder Harsimarbir Singh emphasised the startup's proficiency in leveraging technology to elevate its services, and the commitment to providing exceptional patient care while upholding the highest standards of medical ethics and governance..

Edited excerpts from the interview:

Q: What sets Pristyn Care apart from other healthcare service providers?

A: As a patient-centric, tech-enabled healthcare provider, Pristyn Care guides you through every step of the treatment journey. From the initial OPD consultation to diagnostics, admission, insurance claims, IPD care, discharge, and post-discharge follow-ups, we ensure seamless support and care throughout treatment and recovery. We are committed to providing a full-service experience for our patients' well-being.

Q: How do you leverage technology in your services?

A: We are a leading tech-driven healthcare provider dedicated to revolutionising patient experiences. Our team of more than 150 skilled engineers and product experts has developed over 40 in-house tech products, forming a comprehensive ecosystem. This includes a hospitality quality check app, a doctor scheduling app, faster insurance approval platform, an online consultation portal, and an EMR system with top-notch patient data privacy. Pristyn Care's commitment to cutting-edge medical technology ensures exceptional surgical outcomes.

We have started using a lot of AI to upskill our doctors, train our care coordinators, and deal with patient queries. A significant accomplishment is our advanced algorithm that accurately predicts surgery costs for 50+ diseases, providing transparent and optimal pricing based on extensive data analysis. With an impressive 95% accuracy, our prices adjust to any procedure changes, guaranteeing reliability. Our excellence in building and training an e-KYC system using computer vision and AI/ML streamlines patient onboarding, minimising paperwork and administrative hassles. 

Q: How does Pristyn Care ensure the quality of care during surgeries, along with patient safety and satisfaction? 

A: We perform surgeries exclusively in handpicked, top-tier hospitals. Our selection process involves rigorous audits, examining licenses, safety protocols, and staffing capabilities. This ensures you receive unparalleled care during your procedure. Moreover, we leverage cutting-edge medical technology in partner hospitals to achieve the best possible outcomes for all patients. We have 10 teams that work round the clock in partnership with these hospitals to ensure a smooth and seamless patient journey. 

Our meticulous hospital selection and empanelment process, backed by stringent audits, ensure treatment in safe and reliable facilities. Dedicated care coordinators provide personalised attention and assistance throughout hospitalisation. Advanced medical technology reinforces the safety and effectiveness of surgical procedures.

We aim to achieve exceptional satisfaction and positive treatment outcomes with our patient-centric approach.

Q: How does Pristyn Care streamline insurance claims for patients?

A: We understand the challenges patients face while filing health insurance claims. To ensure a hassle-free experience, we take care of the entire procedure, including paperwork, to obtain insurance approval. We aim to relieve patients and their families of any additional hassles during this process.

As a one-stop solution for all health insurance needs, we simplify and ensure transparency in the claim process for our patients. Our insurance specialists handle the entire claim processing journey, from document review and file preparation to dispatching to TPA/Insurance. Using tech, we keep our patients and their attendants updated in real time about the status of their claims. Our focus on early claim payments ensures patients receive the maximum amount they deserve promptly.

Q: How does Pristyn Care ensure adherence to medical ethics and governance?

A: Pristyn Care upholds strict adherence to medical ethics and governance by following national and international guidelines. Transparency is at the core of our operations. We meticulously select qualified and experienced medical professionals who adhere to ethical codes, ensuring compassionate and responsible care for our patients. Patient confidentiality and data security are paramount, with rigorous measures in place to protect personal information. Regular internal audits help to monitor and enhance care quality, fostering a culture of continuous improvement.