Qualcomm's Latest Snapdragon G Series: A New Era for Handheld and Mobile Gaming

From casual game streaming with the G1 Gen 1 to high-performance mobile gaming experiences with the G3x Gen 2, Qualcomm's Snapdragon G-series promises to change the landscape of handheld gaming forever.

Qualcomm's Latest Snapdragon G Series: A New Era for Handheld and Mobile Gaming

Thursday August 24, 2023,

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Qualcomm Technologies has unveiled its groundbreaking Snapdragon G Series chipsets, redefining handheld gaming. These chipsets are custom-designed to cater to various gaming needs, ranging from casual game streaming to high-performance mobile gaming. Here’s a closer look at the three tiers:

Snapdragon G1 Gen 1:

The G1 is tailor-made for gamers on-the-go, emphasising game streaming. Its features include:

  • An eight-core Kryo CPU and Adreno A11 GPU.
  • Wi-Fi 5 and Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity.
  • Over 10 hours of battery life.
  • Support for 720p displays at 60 fps.

This chipset ensures gamers have extended, uninterrupted sessions with impressive game streaming quality.

Snapdragon G2 Gen 1:

Leaning towards mobile and cloud gaming, the G2 presents a more enhanced experience:

  • Houses the same Kryo CPU but upgrades to the Adreno A21 GPU.
  • Bolstered with Wi-Fi 6/6E and 5G through the Snapdragon X62 5G modem.
  • Supports FHD+ displays at a smooth 144 fps.

G2 offers gamers a chance to delve deep into mobile and cloud games, all without compromising on performance.

Snapdragon G3x Gen 2:

The pinnacle of the series, G3x Gen 2, is a powerhouse:

  • An eight-core Kryo CPU, 30% faster than its predecessor.
  • A newly minted Adreno A32 GPU, doubling previous performance levels.
  • Innovative features like ray tracing, game super resolution, and XR glass tethering.
  • Equipped with Wi-Fi 7, 5G connectivity, and support for FHD+ displays at 144 fps.

For gamers seeking PC-level performance in a handheld device, the G3x Gen 2 is the answer.

Collaborations and What's Next:

Renowned gaming brands like AyaNeo and Thundercomm have partnered with Qualcomm, hinting at the imminent launch of devices powered by the G-series chipsets.

Qualcomm's focus isn't just on the present. Their Snapdragon G3x Gen 2 Handheld Gaming Reference Design is a glimpse into the future, currently sampled by select manufacturers.

Mithun Chandrasekhar, a senior director at Qualcomm, encapsulated the vision, stating, "Dedicated handheld gaming devices are the ultimate mobile gaming experience. The Snapdragon G Series will redefine how gamers play across platforms."

With the Snapdragon G-series, Qualcomm promises to bridge the gap between handheld and PC gaming, setting the stage for a new era of mobile gaming.