Women in saris can head major firms and touch the moon, says Edelweiss's Radhika Gupta

Radhika Gupta, CEO of Edelweiss Mutual Funds, highlights the dynamism of Indian women, challenging stereotypes and breaking professional ceilings

Women in saris can head major firms and touch the moon, says Edelweiss's Radhika Gupta

Thursday August 31, 2023,

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In an era where society often erects barriers based on women's attire and traditional roles, India's women continually shatter these molds. Radhika Gupta, Edelweiss Mutual Funds' dynamic CEO, recently spotlighted this through her potent narrative on the emblematic strength of Indian women donning the traditional sari.

Gupta's words debunk a prevalent stereotype: the perception of a sari-clad woman as a "behenji" - a term suggesting traditionalism and lack of sophistication. She emphasises that these women can match global strides in modernity and progression. "From helming India's mega banks to guiding billion-dollar ventures and even making monumental strides like landing on the moon, these women redefine capabilities," Gupta proclaims.

To validate her statement, she alluded to the remarkable Chandrayaan-3 mission. The success of this venture, which culminated in a spacecraft's moon landing, wasn't just the result of technological prowess. It bore the hallmark of women scientists at ISRO. Commending their dedication, Prime Minister Narendra Modi echoed, "Women scientists were pivotal to Chandrayaan-3's triumph."

This acknowledgment isn't just praise; it mirrors a transforming Indian mindset that recognises and celebrates women's potential. Delving deeper into symbolism, Modi named Chandrayaan-3's moon landing spot the "Shiv Shakti Point", linking it with the fusion of intent (Shiv) and the energy (Shakti) to realise it.

Reacting to this accolade, Reema Ghosh, a distinguished scientist with the Pragyan module, shared, "Such words from our Prime Minister not only appreciate but also inspire." Nidhi Porwal, her peer at ISRO, emphasised the increasing female presence in space research, with women forming a notable 20-25% of ISRO's dynamic workforce.

Reverting to cultural nuances, Gupta, known to gracefully sport saris at her workplace, conveyed a profound message: a woman's worth isn't dictated by her attire but her capability and ambition. Addressing a digital comment, she underscored the undue external judgments women face. Gupta firmly believes that modernity or forward-thinking isn't tethered to western outfits or linguistic proficiency.

As the world gallops forward, it's pivotal to comprehend that real empowerment transcends superficial attributes. It's anchored in inherent strength and determination, epitomised by the formidable "nari in a sari", pushing frontiers on Earth and beyond.

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