Taskforce in place to transition to 6G: PM Modi

Prime Minister Modi praised India's rapid 5G rollout and announced preparations for 6G, with a task force in place, while emphasising technology's influence globally.

Taskforce in place to transition to 6G: PM Modi

Tuesday August 15, 2023,

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday hailed the swift roll out of 5G technology in the country and said India is now getting ready for 6G and a task force has been set-up for the same.

Addressing the nation on the 77th Independence Day, Modi said the internet is now reaching every village and the country is now gearing up for quantum computers.

"My country is the fastest country to roll out 5G. We have reached more than 700 districts and now we are getting ready for 6G. We have formed a task force," Modi said from the ramparts of the Red Fort.

He said the world is going to be influenced by technology and even developed countries are willing to learn about the success of Digital India.

Modi said the government is working on a new scheme to push technology in the agriculture sector, under which thousands of self-help group's women will be trained and equipped with drones.

"I see the potential of science and technology among our rural women. Therefore, we are thinking of a new scheme to bring technology to the agriculture sector.

"Agriculture should get a boost. Therefore, we will impart training of drone pilot, drone repair to the women self-help groups. Thousands of such women self-help groups will be provided with drones and training. we are going to start drone flight with 15,000 women SHG," Modi said.

He said that the youth of the nation have huge capability and the government is working on policies to provide them abundant opportunities.

"Today our youth have placed India among the top three start-up systems globally. Global youth is surprised with this capability and power India," Modi said.

He said that the government is using technology to get rid of corruption.

"Today the internet is reaching every village. India is getting ready for quantum computers. Today farmer producer organisations are being created, we are also going to make semiconductors," Modi said.

The prime minister said internet data was very expensive before 2014 and at present the lowest spend is on data, and has resulted in savings for every family.

Edited by Megha Reddy