Tech Mahindra and Anyverse: Steering AI's Future in Auto Tech

Tech Mahindra collaborates with Anyverse, leveraging synthetic data to boost AI advancements in the automotive realm, promising a transformative future

Tech Mahindra and Anyverse: Steering AI's Future in Auto Tech

Friday August 18, 2023,

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Tech Mahindra, renowned globally for its prowess in digital transformation and business re-engineering, has recently unveiled a strategic partnership with Madrid's deep-tech gem, Anyverse. This collaboration is set to infuse fresh momentum into the automotive sector, emphasising the crucial role of synthetic data in refining AI system operations.

The jewel in Anyverse's crown is its hyperspectral synthetic data generation platform. This innovative tool is engineered to streamline the development of computer vision applications, which are indispensable in the autonomous driving arena. With the automotive sector on the cusp of a significant evolution, mainly steered by Software-defined vehicles (SDVs), the timing of this partnership is impeccable. SDVs, representing the next-gen automobile movement, underscore the CASE (Connected Autonomous Shared Electric) paradigm, spotlighting the increasing urgency for swift AI integration in the auto domain.

Narasimham RV, the guiding force behind Integrated Engineering Services at Tech Mahindra, radiates optimism regarding this alliance. He remarked, "SDVs have shifted from being a futuristic concept to a contemporary reality. With the CASE model gaining traction, joining forces with Anyverse promises to turbocharge the autonomous functionalities offered to our automotive partners. We're poised at the threshold of transformative developments."

By leveraging Anyverse's platform, Tech Mahindra aims to generate synthetic data sets that epitomise sensor precision. Such advancements stand to revolutionise advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), in-cabin tech, and broader autonomous vehicle applications. Experts estimate that this confluence of tech titans could bolster AI assimilation and software validation speeds by a staggering 30-40%.

Victor Gonzalez, the visionary CEO of Anyverse, resonated with this enthusiasm. "Our collaboration with Tech Mahindra is a catalyst for propelling automotive firms into the AI-centric future. Merging our strengths in synthetic data generation with Tech Mahindra's seasoned automotive know-how promises to redefine industry standards, paving the path for avant-garde autonomous mobility solutions."

This alliance dovetails perfectly with Tech Mahindra's NXT.NOWTM blueprint, mirroring the company's relentless pursuit of digital excellence. With a discernible emphasis on the 'Human Centric Experience', Tech Mahindra is steadfast in harnessing emergent technologies to satiate dynamic customer demands.

Anyverse, a Madrid-based stalwart, harnesses a quarter-century legacy of tech innovation. The Oscar-recipient firm's latest endeavor, Anyverse, is a testament to its commitment to futuristic, autonomous applications.

Tech Mahindra, valued at an awe-inspiring USD 6.5 billion, is a torchbearer in delivering unparalleled digital experiences on a global scale. As a testament to its sustainable initiatives, it's honored with the Terra Carta Seal by HRH The Prince of Wales. An integral component of the illustrious Mahindra Group, Tech Mahindra perpetuates a heritage of transformative impacts across diverse industries.

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