From Chennai to the World: Spicing Up Kitchens Globally — Chutnefy Success Story

Chutnefy's Global Footprint: Delve into how this Chennai-based brand has successfully traversed international borders, bringing a rich tapestry of Indian chutneys to tables in the UK, US, Canada, Singapore, and Germany

From Chennai to the World: Spicing Up Kitchens Globally — Chutnefy Success Story

Thursday September 14, 2023,

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In 2022, the culinary landscape witnessed the birth of a promising venture: Chutnefy. The Chennai-based brand, founded by Prasanna Natarajan and Shreyas Raghav, embarked on a mission to rejuvenate the traditional Indian chutney market with their preservative-free, all-natural premixes.

Prasanna, an Australian National University MBA graduate with a previous successful venture in Goa, noticed the overshadowing of traditional Indian chutneys by more westernised sauces in the market. Intent on pivoting back to the roots, he conceived the idea of Chutnefy. Shreyas, a former banker, soon joined Prasanna, bringing a rich background and a shared vision to the venture.

At the heart of Chutnefy's success is its research and development center in Ambattur, Tamil Nadu. Here, a team of experts joined forces to streamline the chutney-making process, creating a range of products that allows consumers to enjoy authentic chutneys in a jiffy. The simple three-step process: unseal, mix with water to your preference, and savor, brings a burst of traditional flavors straight to the dining table.

Chutnefy offers a robust range of 14 authentic Indian chutneys, from the spicy notes of Chettinad chutney to the subtle flavors of curry leaves chutney, providing a speedy, five-second solution to adding a zest of tradition to meals. Not restricted to Indian shores, the brand has successfully forayed into international markets, including the UK, Singapore, the US, Canada, and Germany. Garnering a noteworthy monthly revenue of about Rs 50 lakhs, as reported by The Better India, the brand stands as a strong contender in the global food market.

Looking ahead, the dynamic duo is eager to expand their culinary horizon, with plans to introduce a variety of other authentic Indian food products. Through their efforts, Prasanna and Shreyas aim to make Chutnefy a household name, synonymous with quality and authenticity.

Chutnefy is reviving the rich tradition of Indian chutneys, offering a seamless blend of convenience and flavor. Stay tuned as Chutnefy continues to sprinkle the global culinary scene with the authentic taste of India, one chutney at a time.