Disney Star and Pratilipi: Unlocking the Next Chapter in Indian Television

Disney Star & Pratilipi team up to transform digital narratives into riveting TV shows, marking a new era in entertainment

Disney Star and Pratilipi: Unlocking the Next Chapter in Indian Television

Tuesday September 12, 2023,

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Media powerhouse Disney Star and online self-publishing behemoth Pratilipi have announced a collaborative venture, a move set to reshape the contours of the Indian entertainment domain. This synergy signifies the debut instance of an online self-publishing and audiobook platform synergising with a television network to adapt digital stories into fiction television shows, thereby marking a pivotal moment in the industry's evolution.

The collaboration is anticipated to be a crucible for the birth of a plethora of new fiction television shows, which will be curated from the rich repository of narratives currently hosted on Pratilipi. In a strategic maneuver to cater to a linguistically diverse audience, these shows are slated to be available in multiple languages, a feature which promises to amplify their reach on both the TV and digital platforms operated by Disney Star.

Pratilipi, a flourishing platform that is a repository of over 10 million narratives available in varied formats including short stories, series, audiobooks, and comics, is poised to infuse fresh narratives especially in regional languages into the television sphere. Ranjeet Pratap Singh, the CEO and co-founder of Pratilipi, expressed immense joy at this convergence, emphasising that the venture aligns seamlessly with Pratilipi’s enduring commitment to crafting content in diverse formats, thus satisfying a spectrum of consumer preferences. Singh exuded confidence that the collaboration will witness the metamorphosis of some of the most cherished stories on Pratilipi into televised series, further expanding their audience base.

On the other hand, Gaurav Bannerjee, who spearheads content at Disney+ Hotstar and the HSM entertainment network, underscored the significant role the collaboration plays in nurturing and empowering writers across the nation. Bannerjee conveyed that the partnership stands as a testament to Disney Star’s foundational belief in fostering fresh talent, thereby facilitating the emergence of authentic narratives that resonate with viewers on multiple platforms.

The collaboration stands as a beacon of innovation, paving the way for a transformative phase in the entertainment sector, wherein digital narratives transition seamlessly to the television screen, fostering a new era of diverse and inclusive storytelling. This groundbreaking venture promises not only to entertain but to inspire a new generation of viewers and writers alike, bringing into focus the power of collaboration in the digital age.

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