IIT Madras' Hyperloop Prototype: India's 30-Minute Travel Revolution

IIT Madras pioneers in Hyperloop tech, promises 350km in 30 mins. Finance Minister applauds; India's transport future looks bright

IIT Madras' Hyperloop Prototype: India's 30-Minute Travel Revolution

Tuesday September 26, 2023,

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India's aspirations for cutting-edge, high-speed travel have gained momentum, thanks to the innovative spirit of the students at the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Madras. Their project, aptly named ‘Avishkar Hyperloop,’ is reimagining the way we perceive inter-city transportation.

The core idea revolves around a passenger pod traveling within a vacuum tube, promising speeds so incredible that a 350 km journey would be a mere 30-minute affair. Such a groundbreaking concept, which initially sprouted from the mind of tech magnate Elon Musk, is now seeing the dawn of realisation in India.

The spotlight shone brighter on this project when India's Finance Minister, Nirmala Sitharaman, took to the platform X, formerly known as Twitter, to laud the young minds for their colossal achievements. "Congratulations! Interesting. Wishing you all success in your future endeavors too," her tweet read.

This recognition is not misplaced. The 'Avishkar Hyperloop' is a fruit of tireless dedication from a team consisting of over 50 students spanning from undergraduates to doctoral candidates at IIT Madras. Such diverse collaboration has been instrumental in pushing the boundaries of what was once just a concept. Medha Kommajosyula, the passionate leader of this team, envisages the project's maturity within the next decade if the momentum persists.

Beyond the encouragement of notable personalities, the project received a robust boost from the Ministry of Railways in the form of a hefty grant of Rs 8.34 crore last year. This sponsorship came to light after IIT Madras presented a compelling proposal emphasising a collaboration to carve out India's indigenous Hyperloop system and its intricate subsystems.

The commitment of the IIT Madras team is palpable. Their claim is bold, being one of the few student-led teams worldwide to not only ideate but also test their Hyperloop prototype in real-world conditions.

It is essential to acknowledge the strides India is taking in embracing the future of transportation. While many countries might be exploring Hyperloop as a theoretical concept, India, with its young innovators at IIT Madras, is fast turning this dream into a tangible reality. The nation eagerly awaits the day when distances become trivial, all thanks to the Hyperloop vision.

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