14-Year-Old Sharvanth: India's Rising Literary Star

14-year-old Sharvanth Saravanan transitions from a reluctant reader to a record-holding author, inspiring peers with his literary journey

14-Year-Old Sharvanth: India's Rising Literary Star

Tuesday September 12, 2023,

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At the tender age of 14, Sharvanth Saravanan is not just any typical teenager engrossed in games or television shows. He is a remarkable storyteller who has not only devoured over 500 books in the past seven years but has also emerged as a prodigious author, weaving enthralling mysteries that have brought him nationwide recognition.

From an initial disinterest to fostering an intimate bond with books, Sharvanth's journey commenced rather unconventionally. As a 7-year-old, he once received a pair of books - 'Param Vir Chakra' and 'Jataka Tales', a gift that initially seemed less than exciting to the young boy. However, something transformative occurred one day in 2016, steering him towards those untouched volumes on his shelf. The initial disdain blossomed into a profound love for reading, setting the stage for a literary voyage that would soon encapsulate hundreds of narratives.

Sharvanth's evolution from a reluctant reader to a bibliophile paved the way for his ventures into the world of writing. Encouraged by his father, an employee at Amazon, Sharvanth channelled the knowledge and creativity amassed over years of voracious reading into crafting his first narrative at the onset of the pandemic. The outcome was nothing short of a literary marvel titled 'The Abysmal Thief and Other Stories'. In this book, readers are introduced to Rohan, a charismatic private detective who embodies both courage and wit, unraveling mysteries and combating adversaries while maintaining a calm demeanor.

Sharvanth's narrative prowess doesn't just stem from a vivid imagination but is significantly influenced by the literary giants Enid Blyton and JK Rowling, who instilled in him a deep-seated love for mystery and adventure. This passion is mirrored in Rohan's exhilarating journeys, a character that has become a beloved staple in Sharvanth's subsequent annual publications since 2020.

Sharvanth's contributions to the literary world have not gone unnoticed. At the age of 13, he etched his name in the India Book of Records, becoming the youngest individual to author a detective adventure series. This was followed by another stellar recognition from the Asia Book of Records, where he was honoured with the title of Grand Master for his trilogy chronicling Rohan's escapades.

But Sharvanth's achievements extend beyond the written word. Recognised as a beacon of inspiration, he was invited to deliver a keynote address at IIT Delhi on July 22, 2023. There, he spoke fervently about the criticality of self-care practices for preserving mental well-being, sharing wisdom far beyond his years.

Today, Sharvanth stands as an ambassador for nurturing a culture of reading among his peers. He fervently believes that the journey through numerous pages not only ignites imagination but also uncovers latent potentials within young readers. As he continuously embarks on crafting compelling narratives, Sharvanth encourages more children to immerse themselves in the enriching world of literature, hoping to kindle many more flames of passion and creativity in the hearts of budding writers and readers alike.

A shining example of youthful ingenuity and dedication, Sharvanth Saravanan is indeed a rising star in the literary horizon, inspiring many to delve deep into the boundless realms of reading and writing.

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