From Layoffs to Happy Hours: Meta Is Reintroducing Beloved Pre-Pandemic Perks

Meta Emerges from a Year of Turbulence: How Revived Perks are Shaping a Brighter Future and Boosting Employee Satisfaction Once Again.

From Layoffs to Happy Hours: Meta Is Reintroducing Beloved Pre-Pandemic Perks

Tuesday September 19, 2023,

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In the wake of a tumultuous year marked by a significant workforce reduction, Meta - the parent company of platforms such as Facebook and Instagram - is keen on revitalising its workplace atmosphere by reinstating several pre-pandemic perks for its employees. This move comes as a beacon of hope, promising a potential resurgence in employee morale following the layoff of 21,000 staff members in a bid for increased efficiency under CEO Mark Zuckerberg's directive.

During this challenging period, employees grappled with a pervasive uncertainty and declining stock performance, raising skepticism about Zuckerberg's expansive visions, particularly in the virtual reality realm.

The substantial layoffs, amounting to a 13% reduction of the workforce initially and culminating in a total downsizing of 21,000 positions, wreaked havoc on productivity and collaboration, leaving the remaining employees in a state of apprehension about their job security and project futures.

However, a fresh wind seems to be blowing at Meta, indicating a possible return to better days. The company is now making a concerted effort to rejuvenate its corporate culture by bringing back popular pre-pandemic perks. These include the reintroduction of branded T-shirts, re-opening of on-site restaurants with adjusted dining hours, and the return of happy hours, among other amenities at its Menlo Park headquarters in California. This renewed focus on fostering a congenial work environment is also marked by the rehiring of several previously laid-off employees, showcasing a potentially positive trajectory for the tech giant.

A Meta spokesperson confirmed the revival of these perks, noting that some were merely adjusted during the pandemic and not completely discarded. Employees are once again witnessing stocked snack bars and enjoying the conveniences that once made office life enjoyable, signaling a committed effort towards restoring workplace camaraderie and morale.

As Meta emerges from a period of substantial turbulence, these rejuvenated perks symbolise a renewed dedication to employee satisfaction and well-being. The company appears to be steadfast in reclaiming its status as a desirable workplace, aiming to nurture a positive and vibrant workplace culture once more.

Despite a challenging year of layoffs and morale slumps, Meta is navigating its way towards recovery, with the reintroduction of employee perks serving as a hopeful harbinger of a more prosperous and harmonious future. The upcoming months are poised to be a decisive phase in Meta's evolution, potentially heralding a new era of growth and stability.