NoBlue2 Joins Forces with BrightBridge to Forge Europe's Premier Oracle NetSuite Ally

NoBlue2 acquires BrightBridge, aiming to become Europe's leading Oracle NetSuite partner, fostering innovation and business growth

NoBlue2 Joins Forces with BrightBridge to Forge Europe's Premier Oracle NetSuite Ally

Wednesday September 13, 2023,

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In a pivotal move that is set to reshape the landscape of Oracle NetSuite services in Europe, NoBlue2 has officially declared its acquisition of BrightBridge Solutions Ltd. This collaboration cements NoBlue2’s position as a behemoth in the sector, aiming to carve out a niche as one of the largest and proficient Oracle NetSuite partners in Europe.

A New Chapter Begins

Established through the recent amalgamation of NoBlue and Elevate2, NoBlue2 has swiftly expanded its footprint in the enterprise software market, a growth propelled by substantial investment from FPE Capital. The merger, which was finalised in July 2023, united two stalwarts in the UK Oracle NetSuite solutions arena. Now, with the integration of BrightBridge, a third heavyweight joins the coalition, pooling an extensive reservoir of skills and expertise to bolster the NoBlue2 team.

This acquisition, a strategic masterstroke, augments the workforce to approximately 130 personnel and amplifies the annual revenue to over £16 million. Moreover, this unified front promises uninterrupted services to over 400 existing customers, fortifying trust and fostering growth during and beyond this transitional period.

Expanding Horizons with Diverse Expertise

Prior to this acquisition, NoBlue2 primarily engaged in Oracle NetSuite projects. However, the inclusion of BrightBridge in its repertoire opens up new avenues. BrightBridge, being a significant player not only in Oracle NetSuite but also in Microsoft Dynamics and Sage systems, brings a multifaceted approach to the table. This means NoBlue2 can now broaden its horizons, offering an enhanced range of products and services to its clients.

Unified Vision, Ambitious Goals

Leadership from both companies expressed enthusiasm and a shared vision for this collaborative venture. Ian Irwin, the CEO of NoBlue2, welcomed the team from BrightBridge warmly, emphasising a commitment to foster innovation and deliver groundbreaking solutions to businesses harbouring ambitious growth plans.

Adding to this sentiment, Ian Robertson, Co-founder and Sales and Marketing Director at BrightBridge, highlighted the synergy of this partnership, noting that the union would act as a powerhouse of knowledge for customers, aiding them in harnessing the latest in business technologies.

Future Prospects: A Commitment to Digital Transformation

Backing this strategic alliance is FPE Capital, a firm known for its acumen in nurturing ERP software and services businesses. With a proven track record, FPE envisions scaling NoBlue2 internationally, nurturing it to develop further into application development and related services. Dan Walker, a partner at FPE, remarked on the accelerated growth trajectory facilitated by this acquisition, pinpointing their keen focus on fostering digital transformation across sectors.

As NoBlue2 takes giant strides in establishing itself as Europe's leading Oracle NetSuite partner, its acquisition of BrightBridge signals a promising future. Through collective experience, passion, and a robust position, NoBlue2 aims to reach new heights, helping businesses and non-profits across Europe leverage the cutting-edge business technologies. It indeed marks the beginning of an exhilarating growth story, a testament to innovation, collaboration, and visionary leadership.

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