1 Woman, 1.5 Lakh Farmers: Sharmila's Rs 16 Crore Revenue Millet Story

From Pune to Nationwide: Witness the Birth of a Rs 16 Crore Agricultural Revolution, Spearheaded by Sharmila, Touching Lives of 1.5 Lakh Farmers

1 Woman, 1.5 Lakh Farmers: Sharmila's Rs 16 Crore Revenue Millet Story

Wednesday September 20, 2023,

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Imagine growing up in a small village, witnessing firsthand the harsh realities faced by farmers and their families. That's where Sharmila Jain Oswal's story begins - in the little village of Poynad, Maharashtra. In a place where hardships were many and comforts were few, young Sharmila cultivated dreams not just for herself, but for her community as well.

Years later, Sharmila blossomed into a strong woman with a legal career in Canada. Yet, her heart remained tethered to her homeland, especially as news of increasing farmer suicides in India reached her. She knew she had to act. Leaving her prosperous career behind, Sharmila returned to Pune in 2008 with a mission to revive her soil and support her people.

Sharmila wasn't just content to help; she wanted to solve the core issues plaguing Indian farmers. Armed with a keen mind and an empathetic heart, she embarked on a two-year ground-level research mission across various states. This journey laid the foundation of the Green Energy Foundation, an NGO focusing on revitalising water sources and introducing smart farming methods.

The true star of her revolution, however, is the humble millet - a grain rich in nutrients but often overlooked. Drawing inspiration from her father who ran a flour mill that primarily used millets, Sharmila, along with her son Shubham, decided to bring this superfood back into the limelight. Their venture, 'Gud Mom', transformed millets into a range of delicious, affordable, and healthy snacks, appealing to both the young and old alike.

The result? A storm of positive change that didn't just stop at tasty snacks. Farmers found a sustainable, lucrative crop in millets, lessening their dependency on monsoon rains. Communities found a source of nutrition that was both affordable and delicious. And India found a homegrown solution to some of its pressing agricultural issues.

Sharmila's efforts have since blossomed into a thriving business with an annual revenue of over Rs 16 crore, touching the lives of over 1.5 lakh farmers and garnering praise from none other than Prime Minister Narendra Modi!

In Sharmila's story, we find a narrative that is more than just a business success. It's a tale of homecoming, of reconnecting with one's roots, and most importantly, of nurturing dreams that go beyond personal gains. It’s a beacon of hope, proving that with passion and determination, you can indeed turn grains of millets into mountains of change!