D2C Playbook Webinar: Understanding tech's role in optimising pre and post-purchase customer journeys for D2C brands

Strap: Delhivery and YourStory will host a live webinar on ‘Utilising Technology to Enhance Pre and Post-Purchase Journey’ on September 14, 2023, for D2C businesses on the growth track.

D2C Playbook Webinar: Understanding tech's role in optimising pre and post-purchase customer journeys for D2C brands

Wednesday September 13, 2023,

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In the rapidly evolving landscape of direct-to-consumer (D2C) businesses, innovation and adaptation have become the cornerstones of success. As technological advancements reshape the digital era, consumers are no longer passive buyers but active participants in the brands they choose. They crave experiences that resonate with their individuality, preferences, and values.

A study by McKinsey & Company found that companies that grow faster drive 40% more of their revenue from personalisation than their slower-growing counterparts. Several post-purchase aspects, such as the simplicity of tracking orders, on-time delivery, and the ease of contacting customer care, also play an important part in promoting consumer loyalty.

By leveraging technology effectively, D2C brands can establish strong connections with consumers, foster loyalty, and cultivate enduring relationships. Employing advanced analytics, personalised experiences, seamless user interfaces, and AI-powered data-driven decisions, these brands can navigate the evolving consumer landscape.It is in this context that we are excited to announce a forthcoming webinar, ‘Utilising Technology to Enhance Pre and Post-Purchase Journeys,’ as a part of The D2C Playbook, co-presented by Delhivery and YourStory.

Date: Sep 14, 2023

Time: 4 pm- 5 pm

What will you learn?

This exclusive webinar is set to be a game-changer for businesses seeking to thrive in the D2C space. The event will feature distinguished speakers who have made their mark in the industry:

01. Pallavi Utagi, Founder and CEO of Superbottoms

02. Pradeep Krishnakumar, Co-founder of Zouk

03.Satya Bhargav Nekkanti, Co-founder of Kiwla

These seasoned founders will share their insights, experiences, and strategies on a range of critical topics, including:

Improving pre and post-purchase experiences: Learn how to create exceptional customer journeys that extend beyond the transaction, fostering lasting relationships and loyalty.

Data security measures: Discover the best practices for safeguarding customer data in an increasingly connected world.

Customised and Personalised customer journeys: Dive into the world of hyper-personalisation and find out how to tailor your interactions to meet individual customer needs and preferences.

Leveraging predictive and prescriptive analysis with AI/ML: Explore how cutting-edge technologies can help you anticipate customer behaviour and make data-driven decisions that drive growth.

The discussion will be moderated by Anubhav Bansal, Head of D2C & Aggregator Business, Delhivery.

You'll also get a chance to engage with the speakers, who will be happy to answer your queries and share their knowledge so you can build a stronger D2C business.

The D2C Playbook: What’s in store for you?

The D2C Playbook will take a closer look at India’s D2C landscape, and examine how D2C brands are using disruptive technologies to build innovative solutions for new India.

An initiative presented by Delhivery, in association with YourStory, The D2C Playbook will throw light on significant D2C growth drivers and factors such as fundraising, brand building, optimising customer experience, reducing RTOs, international shipping, leveraging AI/ML, payment gateways, sustainability, and more, through a series of videos, articles, interviews, and live webinars. The initiative presents an opportunity for the audience to hear from industry experts and discover the latest tactics and insights to launch, optimise, and scale their D2C business.