6 Key strategies to skyrocket business development

Explore effective strategies for business development to boost your company's growth. Discover the 6 key steps that fuel success and enhance revenue.

6 Key strategies to skyrocket business development

Monday November 06, 2023,

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Can a car work without fuel? The answer is no. The same goes for businesses. They cannot function without generating sales. 

In the high-stakes arena of business development, the difference between thriving and merely surviving lies in the ability to seize opportunities and forge connections that propel you forward. It's a world where strategy meets execution, where vision is only as good as the tangible growth it generates. This is your blueprint for business development success—a guide that distils the essence of expansion into actionable insights and proven tactics.

This is exactly where business development comes into the picture. It is the proven method to attract customers, convert sales and tackle competitive challenges through best practices.

Here are 6 effective steps for business development you need to know! 

What is business development? 

Simply put, business development is a process to implement effective strategies to grow a business. The main aim here is to promote growth and generate more revenue for the company. 

Steps for business development

1) Conduct proper market research

Although market research is a well-known way to understand your audience many companies head straight to product development. This is why even the best products can fall flat. 

Understanding your market and target audience is the core of a business development plan. If you have no clue about your customers or the current market dynamics, implementing sales strategies will not be successful.

To avoid misjudging the product-market fit, startups should heavily focus on getting in-depth insights into their customers, their pain points, preferences or why they are choosing the competitor’s products. 

2) List clear goals and objectives

While companies tend to have goals ready, in reality not all of them are practical. To ensure your strategies are effective, your objectives have to be very specific and clear. Draw a line between your wishes and actual targets.

Coming up with realistic goals that also have flexibility for changes from factors such as economic conditions, market dynamics, trends, etc. 

Grow business

3) Attract and qualify leads 

Find potential leads from data, referrals, networking, etc. After that, you need to divide them into two main categories namely:

  • Marketing qualified leads: Potential customers who have shown interest in your product/ service through marketing campaigns but have not become sales. 
  • Sales qualified leads: Potential customers who have interacted with your startup by adding items to a cart or buying a product/service.

Focus on prospects that will help you generate more sales and revenue. Also, observe potential leads and filter them to see how many fall into your target audience. In short, evaluation of your leads is important to convert a lead into a customer.

4) Connect with potential customers

With the list of potential customers, it is time to reach out to them through effective communication. Some good examples include:

  • Interaction on social networking channels 
  • Sending personalised emails/offers/newsletters
  • Connecting through networking events 

The key is to grab the attention of potential leads and build a relationship with them. Once formed, present your product/service to them that can fulfil their needs. Also, focus on your competitive advantages, benefits and value proposition to convince them. 

Keep a proposal at hand that mentions the pricing, timeline, benefits, etc. Once the lead agrees to purchase, assist them to have a seamless sale experience. 

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5) Provide excellent customer service

To make your business development more effective, you need to provide top-notch customer services. Happy customers help your startup build credibility and a great reputation to attract more leads. It is a simple yet crucial method to keep the sales running. 

6) Keep an eye on the metrics 

Consistently evaluate your business development strategies by checking performance metrics. Get regular feedback from customers, teams, and stakeholders to bring necessary changes. This will help you optimise your strategies and approach as well as identify gaps that need to be addressed such as lack of communication. 

The bottom line

Business development is the fuel of sales. It helps to grow your company, revenue, and customers and get more deals. This is why developing effective strategies is crucial to tackle challenges and move towards business success.