Adobe Launches Enhanced AI Image Generators with Vector Graphics

Adobe announces significant AI updates, introducing innovative image and vector generation tools, enhancing quality, and addressing ethical concerns

Adobe Launches Enhanced AI Image Generators with Vector Graphics

Wednesday October 11, 2023,

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In a notable move, Adobe has introduced significant enhancements to its suite of AI image synthesis applications, extending across Photoshop, Illustrator, and Adobe Express. This update unveils three innovative generative AI models: Firefly 2, Firefly Design, and Firefly Vector.

firefly 1, firefly 2

Firefly 2 stands as a refined version of the initial Firefly AI, bringing superior functionalities to Photoshop features like Generative Fill. Adobe accentuates the elevated image quality delivered by Firefly 2, visible in various domains such as plant foliage, skin textures, and human facial features. This revamped model also presents AI-facilitated editing features, allowing users to modify photo aspects like depth and blur effectively. A newly added “Prompt Guidance” function further aids users in optimising their text prompts, streamlining the creation process.

Furthermore, the introduction of the Firefly Vector Model signals Adobe’s debut in the realm of text-to-vector AI image generation. This model empowers users to construct resizable vector images through text prompts, providing a valuable resource for designers as these images maintain quality at any size, unlike their bitmap counterparts.

Despite Adobe’s claim that the Firefly Vector Model is a groundbreaking initiative, existing models in the market offer similar functionalities. However, Adobe’s Vector Model is indeed a first from a significant player in image synthesis, seamlessly integrating into the widely used Adobe Illustrator.

The “Generative Match” feature is another highlight of this update, currently in its beta stage. This function enables the alignment of generated content styles with specific images, a boon for businesses striving for brand consistency across various platforms. Additionally, the Firefly Design Model in Adobe Express facilitates the generation of adaptable templates for multiple media formats, functioning as a “text-to-template” mechanism.

Addressing the broader issues in the AI-generated imagery field, Adobe actively engages with ongoing debates regarding copyright disputes and the possible substitution of human artists. The company is proactive in formulating policies that mitigate misuse, enhance transparency, and guarantee rightful attribution for AI-generated content, fostering an ethical AI usage environment.

Scott Belsky, a leading design figure at Adobe, sheds light on these proactive measures in a recent blog post. He underscores Adobe's dedication to fostering ethical AI practices, emphasising the training of AI models using licensed and public domain content while supporting legal frameworks that protect artists from AI-driven impersonation.

With these novel AI models now accessible for testing, Adobe plans for their incorporation into the Creative Cloud applications shortly. The Firefly Vector Model is already available via an update to Adobe Illustrator. Such proactive initiatives from Adobe highlight its commitment to spearheading user-friendly, ethical, and innovative AI image generation technologies, heralding a transformative era in digital design.

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