Mastering the age of AI: unveiling the future of customer engagement and retention

The Chief Marketing Technologists’ Summit scheduled for November 8, 2023 in Delhi is set to feature top-notch knowledge sessions and networking opportunities with thought leaders from the tech and marketing ecosystem.

Mastering the age of AI: unveiling the future of customer engagement and retention

Friday October 20, 2023,

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PHD Chamber of Commerce and Industry is hosting the Chief Marketing Technologists’ Summit in Delhi on November 8, 2023 on the topic "Marketing in the Age of AI - Embracing the Future of Customer Engagement and Retention."

The event will feature top-notch knowledge sessions and networking opportunities with the masters of the marketing universe. Furthermore, attendees can sharpen their skills with a masterclass on tapping into the power of generative AI for conversational marketing and content generation delivered by experts.

Artificial Intelligence, or AI, isn't just a buzzword anymore; it's the rocket fuel propelling marketing into the future. As the battle for consumer attention intensifies, Chief Marketing Technologists (CMTs) are at the forefront of this AI revolution. As such, the Chief Marketing Technologists’ Summit aims to be more than a conference; it will be a glimpse into the future of marketing, driven by cutting-edge AI technology and customer-centric strategies.

At the heart of modern marketing, AI is redefining how businesses engage and retain customers. Attendees of this year's summit can expect a dynamic exploration of AI's pivotal role in crafting exceptional customer experiences. Expert speakers will dive deep into practical AI applications, covering predictive analytics, AI-driven chatbots, personalized content recommendations, and data-powered decision-making. The result? A wealth of insights and actionable strategies for seamlessly integrating AI into marketing campaigns, making customer engagement not just a buzzword, but a reality.

Beyond the present, this summit is a telescope into the future of customer engagement and retention. Get ready to explore emerging trends that will redefine the industry. From the rise of voice search to immersive marketing experiences, sustainability efforts, and marketing's role in the data-driven world, you'll be at the forefront of what's to come. The summit will equip CMTs with the knowledge and insights to remain ahead of the curve.

But what truly sets the summit apart is the caliber of its knowledge sessions. The summit has curated a lineup of industry experts, thought leaders, and CMTs who have aced their marketing game. These sessions offer more than theoretical insights – they're a backstage pass to real-world case studies and actionable strategies. Here, it's not about the mundane; it's about hands-on knowledge you can put into practice immediately. And that's not all. The summit isn't just a platform for soaking up knowledge; it's an arena for networking with peers and industry titans. It's the place to forge alliances, brainstorm, and pave the way for future collaborations and career advancement.

The summit, therefore, is not just an event; it's a defining moment for CMTs and marketing enthusiasts. With its spotlight on AI, customer-centricity, and the future of customer engagement and retention, attendees will leave armed with a deep understanding of the ever-changing marketing landscape. Top-quality knowledge sessions and networking opportunities with industry luminaries make this event a golden ticket to success. Mark your calendar, and join us in Delhi as we embrace the future of marketing together.

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