Why Picasso Believed Growing Old Makes You Younger

In a world where adulthood often means leaving behind the carefree days of youth, Picasso’s wisdom offers a refreshing perspective. Discover how maintaining a youthful mindset can be your ticket to a more fulfilling and adventurous life

Why Picasso Believed Growing Old Makes You Younger

Wednesday October 04, 2023,

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Pablo Picasso once said, “It takes a long time to become young.” This phrase may seem confusing, but it's actually a deep thought about staying youthful and creative at heart. Let’s explore what Picasso meant and why this idea is important for everyone.

The Journey to Youth

Youth isn’t just about being physically young; it's about having a lively, curious spirit. Picasso believed that being truly youthful means staying open and excited about life, just like kids are. Sadly, as people grow up, they often lose this joyful, creative spirit because of life's responsibilities and pressures.

Picasso: Forever Young in Art

Picasso's art was always changing and surprising. He was always trying new styles and ideas, which showed his young, curious mind. To be like him, we need to work hard to keep a youthful view of the world, staying curious, hopeful, and flexible as we get older.

Youth in Today’s World

Today, people are often too busy chasing success to enjoy life's wonders. Being constantly busy and serious can make anyone feel old and tired. Picasso's wise words remind us that staying young at heart helps us enjoy life more, no matter how old we are.

How to Stay Young

Picasso’s quote isn’t just a wise saying; it’s advice for life. To stay young:

  1. Stay Curious: Be eager to learn and open to new things.
  2. Have Fun: Add some play and joy to your everyday life.
  3. Be Flexible: Change is part of life, so go with the flow.

Picasso’s clever words teach us that youth is a feeling, not just an age. “It takes a long time to become young” means that staying joyful, curious, and flexible is important for a good life. By keeping a youthful spirit, we can all enjoy life more and contribute positively to the world around us.