Prophetic’s Halo: Wearable Tech That Controls Dreams!

Unveiling Halo by Prophetic: The world’s first wearable tech designed for stabilizing and controlling lucid dreams, providing a gateway to subconscious exploration and self-discovery!

Prophetic’s Halo: Wearable Tech That Controls Dreams!

Thursday October 05, 2023,

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Meet Prophetic, a startup creating a device named “Halo” that helps control dreams. This project brings together technology and the magic of lucid dreaming, opening exciting possibilities for exploring and understanding our dreams.

The Birth of Prophetic :

Eric Wollberg and Wesley Berry founded Prophetic. Eric, a long-time lucid dreamer, wanted to use dreams to explore consciousness. Wesley, skilled in turning brain signals into art, shared Eric’s fascination with dreams. Together, they started Prophetic to bring dream control to everyone.

What’s “Halo”?

“Halo” is a special headband that helps you have lucid dreams where you can control what happens. It sends safe signals to the brain, making this control possible. Created with help from tech company Card79, Halo is a first-of-its-kind device, combining smart tech with the mysterious world of dreams.

Lucid Dreams Explained :

Lucid dreams are where you know you're dreaming and can change the dream. They're not just fun; they can also help you understand yourself better and even practice skills while you sleep.

Financial Backing:

Prophetic has financial support, having raised $1.1 million. BoxGroup led this funding, with participation from a16z’s Scout Fund. This substantial backing highlights the promise and excitement surrounding Prophetic's unique project and indicates a bright future ahead for the groundbreaking startup.

Dream Tech and Challenges :

The Halo device is a significant step in dream technology. However, it faces hurdles, like skepticism and health concerns. Despite these, Prophetic is determined to push forward, planning to release a prototype soon and start shipping devices in 2025.

Halo by Prophetic is a glimpse into the future of dream exploration and control. With significant support and a clear vision, Prophetic is bringing the mystical world of dreams closer to reality. As we anticipate the release of this innovative device, the possibility of controlling our dreams becomes more real and exciting, making Prophetic a company to watch closely.