From $11 Million in 5 Minutes to a 70 Crore Fuel Business: Ram Budime's Journey

Navigating through Ram’s entrepreneurial saga, from co-founding BitIns, influencing the crypto world, to addressing transparency issues in the fuel industry with Spetrol, ensuring reduced fraud and spill risks

From $11 Million in 5 Minutes to a 70 Crore Fuel Business: Ram Budime's Journey

Thursday October 12, 2023,

2 min Read

Ram Santhosh Kumar Budime is not just any entrepreneur; he's a trendsetter in the digital currency landscape. His journey in the crypto world began with BitIns in 2016, a company he co-founded. BitIns made it simpler for everyone to dive into the world of digital money. But that wasn't all; Ram also advised Vibrate, a music platform based on blockchain, which managed to gather a massive 11 million USD in under five minutes.

However, the crypto world was just one chapter in Ram's book of achievements. After leaving BitIns in 2019, he introduced crypto ATMs in the UK via Shiftbits Ltd. But soon after, he returned to India with a new goal in mind: sustainable farming. This move showcased Ram's versatility and his commitment to giving back, as he actively supports various charitable causes in India.

An interesting tidbit about Ram? He's an MBA dropout from the University of Ljubljana, Slovenia, and enjoys permanent residency status in the European Union.

Yet, among all his ventures, one stands out for its innovative approach to a traditional industry: Spetrol. In 2021, Ram noticed issues in the fuel industry—problems like leakage and lack of clarity. To tackle these, he launched Spetrol, a platform designed for big industries that need fuel. With Spetrol, users can easily track fuel usage, handle payments, and enjoy a transparent system, cutting down risks of fraud and wastage.

The best part? Spetrol's growth has been meteoric. Within just two years, it boasted a turnover of 70 crores and is now eyeing expansion in South India. There are also plans to add lubricants to their offerings.

From digital currencies to sustainable fuel solutions, Ram Santhosh Kumar Budime has truly made his mark as an entrepreneurial visionary. His journey shows that with innovation and passion, one can transform any industry.