Meet the Monk Who Crafted a Toy Empire: Singh’s Skoodle Chronicle

Shobhit Singh, once a seeker of spiritual truths in a Rishikesh ashram, now leads Skoodle, one of India's premier toy and stationery brands. Dive into his journey from contemplation to corporation.

Meet the Monk Who Crafted a Toy Empire: Singh’s Skoodle Chronicle

Monday October 09, 2023,

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Shobhit Singh once lived as a monk but is now a successful businessman. He is the director of Stone Sapphire India and the founder of Skoodle, a popular stationery and toy brand.

Early Life:

Singh, born in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh, was always interested in philosophy and spirituality. After earning an Economics degree and MBA from Aligarh Muslim University, he started working at a German software company in Delhi. However, he felt a spiritual calling and joined an ashram in Rishikesh at 26.

Monastic Life:

In the ashram, Singh immersed himself in religious teachings and completed a Vedic management program, deepening his understanding of life and spirituality.

New Path:

Singh left the ashram due to family pressures, got married, and entered the business world. His wife, Nina, came from a business family in Vadodara. Together with his in-laws, Singh started a company that manufactured and exported Christmas gifts to the US.

Opportunity Knocks:

When the US imposed higher duties on Chinese products in 2012, Singh’s company saw an opportunity. They shifted their manufacturing base to Indonesia, starting production in 2014 after setting up new machinery and training staff.

Skoodle’s Beginning:

In 2016, Singh founded Skoodle with an investment of Rs 1.2 crore and a team of 50. The company grew under Singh's leadership, producing toys and stationery and collaborating with well-known brands like Play-Doh, My Little Pony, and Transformers.

Overcoming Challenges:

Despite the difficulties of the COVID-19 pandemic, Skoodle did not cut pay or jobs. Instead, the company hired more talent and prepared for the post-pandemic market. This strategy helped Skoodle grow even more.

Future Goals:

Singh has big plans for Skoodle, including launching gold-plated crockery and entering the FMCG sector. Singh's wife, Nina, manages sales and customer service, while Singh continues to enjoy poetry and philosophy in his free time.

Shobhit Singh’s journey from monk to entrepreneur is a powerful story of change and opportunity. His experience reminds aspiring entrepreneurs to commit to their ventures for the long term, approaching business with passion and dedication. Singh's life shows that the search for meaning can take different, rewarding paths, leading to success and contentment in unexpected areas.